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Chris Kresser
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Acupuncture, unlike most drugs, has the potential to cure disease.
—Chris Kresser[1]

Chris Kresser is an American acupuncturist, anti-flu vaxxer, cholesterol denialist and promoter of the paleo diet. Kresser has made a number of dangerous health suggestions, for example, he has argued against flu vaccination and recommends that pregnant mothers drink raw milk and skip the vitamin K shot for their newborns.[2][3] He thinks that everyone should eat a high-fat paleo diet.Do You Believe That?

Kresser advertises himself as a "health detective".[4] On December 5th 2019 Kresser revealed that he doesn't know how to read forest plots.[5]

Irrational beliefs[edit]


Kresser is a fanatical acupuncture proponent who claims that it has the potential to cure disease. He has written that acupuncture "stimulates the body’s self-healing mechanisms. And the body’s ability to heal itself far surpasses anything western medicine has to offer."[1] He provides no scientific evidence for this statement. The scientific consensus is that acupuncture is ineffective for a wide range of conditions.[6] It has been impossible to find consistent evidence for acupuncture after more than 3000 trials.[7][8]

Opposition to flu vaccination[edit]

Kresser has received criticism from medical experts for his comments against flu vaccination.[2] He dismisses any positive studies and promotes "natural" alternatives, such as bone broth, fermented cod liver oil, paleo diet and vitamin supplements.[2][9]

Vitamin K injections[edit]

Kresser argues against Vitamin K injections for newborns.[3] He made the false statement that "Vitamin K injections have not been adequately tested for safety." In reality, the injections given at birth are safe and side-effects are incredibly rare.[10][11][12][13]

Cholesterol denialism[edit]

Kresser is a cholesterol and statin denialist.[14][15]


Retired family physician and skeptic Harriet Hall has written:

Why would anyone go to Kresser for advice about vaccines? He's an acupuncturist, for Pete's sake! His whole livelihood is based on a prescientific system of mythological qi and meridians. His website offers inaccurate information and questionable advice on diet, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disorders, skin health, heartburn, and depression. He even offers a paleo detox program.[2]

Chris Kresser also known for misleading people on cholesterol, he constantly reads papers wrong thus presenting false evidence and try to fool people to follow for his paleo diet.

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