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Andrew Schlafly of Conservapedia believes that there is a link between scientific relativity (that is, special and general relativity) and moral relativism, even though the concepts are utterly unrelated and have nothing in common other than using a form of the word "relative".

Based on this comically misguided premise (which even Answers in Genesis disavows), and perhaps a mistrust of science in general (which appears to be derived from CP's constant opposition to the scientific theories of evolution and global warming), Schlafly attempts to denigrate the science of relativity as being part of an agenda against moral absolutism. As a result, the relativity-related articles at Conservapedia are riddled with incorrect interpretations, distortions of fact, out-of-context quotes from scientists and scientific journals, and elementary errors. Some of these mistakes may be due to basic misunderstanding of the physics involved, but attempts to correct them have always been met with admonishments, reversions and blockings from the administrators, in a brilliant display of willful ignorance.

It is important to note that Schlafly has a degree in electrical engineering and would have studied relativity himself in the first-year physics courses that are required for the degree.