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An answer to our prayers that justifies emailing as well as posting: We can block ranges now!
—Andy Schlafly upon discovering the keys to the bunker.[1]

Trus me
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In-depth analysis

As more and more people become aware of what an intellectual cesspool Conservapedia is, the powers that be have to resort to ever more extreme measures to preserve the extremist orthodoxy on their "Trus(t)worthy Encyclopedia". A major weapon in their arsenal is the massive IP range block, which is essentially just a way of rescinding the "open editing" policy. The number of people they can trust to preserve the ideological purity of their website keeps shrinking (especially as one editor after another turns out to be a sensible person, or, as they like to say, a "traitor"), so they have to block out the rest of the world.


The number of IP addresses blocked on Conservapedia over time.

The principal way this is done is with the IP range block. All editors' IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are noted by the wiki software, and anyone they don't like can be banned. In their neverending paranoia, escalating daily, to prevent that user from re-registering under a different name, the IP address is blocked. For instance, if Conservapedia sysops hate Bill, and Bill lives in the same city as James (who perhaps share their views[note 1]), and James signs up for Conservapedia, by sysop logic, James must be Bill, and he will be blocked asap. Because IP addresses are often assigned randomly from large blocks by ISPs (Internet Service Providers; companies like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T), entire ranges are often blocked. This has the property of blacking out entire ISPs, cities, colleges, companies, and countries. But the powers that be don't care; they already have all the users that they feel they can trust. In any case, colleges and foreign countries are particularly ideologically suspect.

The use of range blocks appears to have become extremely widespread around December 2008. As of this writing (June 2009), the number of IP addresses that have been blocked is over TEN MILLION TWENTY MILLION TWENTY ONE MILLION. That is far in excess of the number of users, number of existing pages, or even the number of page edits on Conservapedia (less than 700,000), and represents 1 IP address blocked for every 5.35 page views.

IPs blocked at CP and WP
block periods of non-infinite range blocks at CP and WP

Wikipedia issues IP range blocks, too. But there are a few decisive differences:

  • the periods of the blocks are generally much shorter at Wikipedia than at Conservapedia. For instance, half of the /16 ranges are blocked for less than one day, while typically such a block at Conservapedia will last for six months!
  • even if your IP is blocked at Wikipedia, most times you're only prevented from anonymous editing. You may still be allowed to edit after logging in. Conservapedia doesn't allow anonymous editing in the first place,[note 2] and when your IP is blocked, you cannot edit. Period.
  • though Wikipedia dwarfs Conservapedia in virtually every category, there are more IP numbers blocked at Conservapedia than at the English division of Wikipedia.

What locations are blocked?[edit]


The following are places that Conservapedia can no longer be edited from, or are particularly untrusworthy. Conservapedia sysops have begun to assume by mere geographical location that users are sockpuppets of each other.

Libraries you should not use[edit]

We would like to have thought that holding libraries hostage is a level to which Conservapedia would not stoop. We were wrong. Since this was not an IP block, we don't know what library it was, but, being a "sockpuppet" block, it was apparently aimed at some IP or IP range.

Companies you should not work for[edit]




Hotels at which you should not stay[edit]

State government offices you should not work for[edit]

School systems you should not use or work for[edit]

Universities you should not attend[edit]

Colleges and universities receive particularly bad treatment; this may be due to the generally higher level of intellect to be found there. While our data are not conclusive, it appears that the following universities are currently blocked. This list may not be entirely accurate due to problems determining the location corresponding to an IP address.


Block University Country Cambridge University UK This is one of Britain's (and the world's) most prestigious universities. Cambridge University UK Oxford University UK This is one of the world's leading universities. University of Leeds UK Technische Universität Darmstadt Germany Cambridge University UK Trinity College, Dublin Ireland Trinity College, Dublin Ireland Queen's University of Belfast UK University of Palermo Italy University of Ireland Ireland University of Sunderland UK University of the West of England, Bristol UK University of Northumbria at Newcastle UK Uppsala University Sweden University of Northumbria at Newcastle UK University of Lancaster UK University of Lancaster UK University of Lancaster UK University of Northumbria at Newcastle UK Lancaster University UK Lancaster University UK Liverpool Hope University UK That's the only Catholic university in Europe, so not exactly a huge Atheist den.
??? King's College, London UK University of York, York UK University College Dublin Ireland


Block University Country College of Charleston USA MIT USA MIT USA University of Wisconsin, Madison USA University of Wisconsin, Madison USA University of Wisconsin, Madison USA University of Wisconsin, Madison USA University of Wisconsin, Madison USA University of Iowa USA University of Saskatchewan Canada Polytechnic University, Brooklyn USA Carnegie Mellon University USA University of Maryland USA State University of New York, Oswego USA State University of New York, Oswego USA University of Cincinnati USA Santa Clara University USA McMaster University Canada County College of Morris USA Concordia University Canada University of California, San Diego USA University of California, San Diego (La Jolla) USA California State Polytechnic University - Pomona US University of Connecticut USA University of Alaska USA Brown University USA Indiana State University USA Indiana State University USA Indiana State University USA Wayne State University USA University College of Cape Breton Canada University College of Cape Breton Canada University College of Cape Breton Canada University of British Columbia Canada University of Toronto Canada University of West Florida USA Widener University USA Furman University USA Western Kentucky University USA Florida Institute of Technology USA Texas A&M University USA University of California USA University of Texas USA Boston University USA Northeast Louisiana University USA New York University USA
??? University of Louisiana (we're not sure; can anyone confirm?) USA
??? Louisiana State University (we're not sure; can anyone confirm?) USA[2] ??? Canada


Block University Country Australian National University Australia National University of Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore Singapore National Chiao Tung University Taiwan Yeungnam University Korea University of Adelaide Australia

Cities you should not live in[edit]

Blocks in the US

The extensive list of these "Forbidden Cities" is below:

  • Alaska, USA: Not any city, but the entire state. Home to the infamous Icewedge and also to Helios, Nolife, and Opcn, three more users well hated by Conservapedia.
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: This beautiful seaside city is home to the notorious Halifax Troll. Sysops are convinced that any IP from this address is a sockpuppet with his latest iteration in cp:user:DemocraticUnderground. As Karajou has said to other sysops, "We need to block this man permanently. We've got to do a blanket block of his IP, because all he is doing is hanging up, dialing again under a slightly-different IP, and damaging the site." Update: 65,536 IP addresses in Halifax are blocked. BTW Karajou, who says the Troll is even a man? Maybe it's a smoking hot female (not that you'll ever know what that is anyways).
  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA: the notoriously evil liberal AmesG grew up in Atlanta, leading Karajou to conclude that any user in Atlanta is possibly AmesG. All such users are under suspicion and likely to be blocked for the slightest misstep.
  • Houston, Texas, USA: despite the fact that Houston is one of the largest cities in America (in the top 5), sysop and conspiracy theorist RobS is convinced that any user from Houston is the same AmesG. Houston also has the third largest, and fastest growing, legal market in America; regardless, any Houstonian involved in this market must be AmesG. So if you're from Houston, and especially if you're also involved in law, you will be blocked or ignored.
  • New York, New York, USA: given this logic, it won't be long until all 10 million New Yorkers are suspicious and amenable to blocking-on-sight. However, this might finally rid Conservapedia of Ed Poor.
  • San Francisco, California, USA: every citizen of San Francisco is a homosexual Jewish liberal. This includes well known liberals like Michael Savage.

Apparent ISPs in various cities[edit]

Blocks in Europe




  • A DSL service; some customer apparently runs TOR.





Countries not to live in[edit]

xkcd:map of the internet
blocks mapped accordingly

More of a footnote and not quite enough for its own article, but when it comes to non-US countries, CP sysops are much more radical with their banhammer:

  • Canada: Apparently, according to Conservapedia, the Halifax troll is now in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and as a result Karajou blocks another 65,000 ip addresses. This now brings the total up to almost 200,000 ip addresses blocked because of the Halifax troll. Update Apparently is also used by the halifax troll, despite being registered to the Government of British Columbia.
  • Germany: It looks like CP thinks that no German other than Sid would ever want to visit Conservapedia, so any German IP (even if it's just a proxy located in Germany) just has to belong to him (as Peter Bird found out).
  • Dominican Republic: Thoroughly despised by Karajou, who has claimed 336,896 IP addresses from this beautiful, sunny island.
  • China: so far, 1,536 dirty communists IP addresses have been blocked by Karagoon and Terry Koeckritz. Surprisingly, none were blocked by Rob Smith.
  • Russia: Another 65,536 IPs, per above.
  • Mexico: TK blocked 16,384 IPs from "Montevideo, Mexico". He probably meant "Monterrey", since Montevideo is in Uruguay, but there you have it.
  • Ireland, The UK, New Zealand, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Macedonia, South Africa, Iceland and "Libya via Amsterdam": TK again. This site is growing rapidly!
  • Croatia - many IP's blocked
  • France - as France Telecom gets locked out.
  • Indonesia, Bangladesh: They still use proxies to get inside CP, and Karajou ferrets them out......even if they've done nothing at all.

Wireless devices not to use[edit]

Don't expect to be able to edit using your Blackberry, on its own or tethered to your laptop. Whether he knew what he was doing or not, TK took out the entire Canadian and US Blackberry network for all mobile providers (T-Mobile, Rogers, AT&T, etc.) until March 2010, with the deceptive block message that he was merely banning "liberal Canadian trolls, Alexkm and RonS -- Research In Motion Inc. -- Waterloo, ONT, Canada)." Blackberry is go. I repeat: Blackberry is go.

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  1. The chances are less than 0.0001%, though.
  2. Granted, if Conservapedia did allow anonymous editing, it would probably be even more heavily besieged by the sensible portion of humanity than it already is.[citation NOT needed]