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Terry Gou in 2011.
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Guo Taiming or Terry Gou (1950–) is a right-wing populist, a radical Chinese nationalist in Taiwan. He is called the "Donald Trump of Taiwan" because of his right-wing political leanings and from his massive wealth and influence. He joined the KMT in 2019 and held a primary within the KMT to run in the "2020 Taiwanese presidential election" before resigning. He left the KMT the same year.[1] He strongly opposes the Taiwan independence that is pursued by the radical left-wing camp in Taiwan, and he has an ultra-conservative and pro-China political inclination. But Gou describes himself as a "pro-China conservative and" (much like his American counterpart]].[2][3]

He is also famous as the founder of Foxconn, which is notorious internationally for it’s terrible and ardent labor rights.[4] On August 28th 2023, he announced that he would be running for President during the 2024 presidential elections.[5]

He is anti-American due to his strong nationalist tendencies, and has made various bigoted insults towards Americans. He also often makes racist comments about Koreans. He often calls Koreans an ethnic slur, Gaoli bangzi(高麗棒子)Wikipedia, and said that "Unlike Koreans, the Japanese don't hit the back of their heads."[6]