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I'm irrational like the rest of you, because we're human.

Sometimes I like to play Devil's Advocate. Sometimes I'm serious about it.

I am not a Conservative, and not a "Liberal" either. American style political definitions don't do it for me, even on a compass. I'm a radical.

New articles so far[edit]

Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin, Peter Kolosimo, Scottish Defence League, White Commonwealth, Colin Wilson

Fun:Portmanteau, Fun:Really embarrassing British, Fun:Really embarrassing Australians and New Zealanders

Articles I'm thinking of creating, if you haven't got there first[edit]

[[Aisha]], [[Angry Young Men]], [[Basques]], [[Celtic Church]], [[Celts]], [[Channel Islands]], [[Khorloogiin Choibalsan]], [[Christadelphianism]], [[Jeremy Clarkson]], [[Cloud busting]], [[Engelbert Dollfuss]], [[Druze]], [[Federal Commonwealth Society]], [[Matthew Gill]], [[David Hume]], [[Khadijah]], [[Liberal Democrats (Japan)]], [[Lost Cosmonauts]], [[Maoris]], [[Mebyon Kernow]], [[Mobutu Sese Seko|Mobutu]], [[Oswald Mosley]], [[Kwame Nkrumah]], [[Ostalgie]], [[Boyd K. Packer]], [[Plymouth Brethren]], [[Cecil Rhodes]], [[Sanskrit]], [[Save Ulster from Sodomy]], [[School of Economic Science]], [[Scottish Socialist Party]], [[Norman Tebbit]], [[Rafael Trujillo]], [[Turkmenbashi]], [[Eamon de Valera]], [[Wee Free]], [[Harold Wilson]], [[Yezidi]] <br> [[Fun:Really embarrassing Africans]] (no, not a racist article.)

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This user also supports Scottish independence, but there isn't a user box for that yet.

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