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What the world really looks like. (The Southern Hemisphere is larger.)

Since there's quite a small number of Australians and New Zealanders, they've been lumped together, but seriously, they'd hate that. They may sound similar, have similar flags, have the same queen, fight most of the same wars, produce nice wine and use dollars, but they're different in a lot of other ways. The landscape of Australia and New Zealand, is completely different (except Tasmania maybe.) Skiing's better in New Zealand, although Aussies are better at cricket. They're about equal in sailing.

Australia's natives are few in numbers, and come from many tribes, whereas in New Zealand, they form a highly visible ten percent of the population, and have the same cultural heritage.

Australia still has more sheep, though, than New Zealand, but not a lot of people know that.

Kiwi fruit comes from China, not New Zealand too...

Criminal antics[edit]

Sexual antics[edit]

Political antics beyond the call of duty[edit]

Racial faux pas[edit]

General media idiots[edit]

  • Andrew Snelling
  • Rupert Murdoch, fuck me sport, he may be an idiot, but he controls the general media.
  • Mel Gibson, born in New York, non-gay Aussies claimed him as their own son until he went all weird with the Catholic sect thing and drunkard outbursts.
  • Russell Crowe, who thinks he can sing.

Religious antics[edit]

Batshit craziness[edit]

Genocide denialists[edit]

  • John PilgerWikipedia [1] (Although to be fair to Pilger, he has done good work elsewhere in the world...).
  • Mel Gibson, does not appear to be in this category.


  • You: For putting the map the wrong way round.
  • You: For confusing Australians and New Zealanders, you seppo/pommie bastard.
  • Ernest Rutherford, discoverer of the atomic nucleus, who thus condemned us to almost certain atomic nuclear holocaust oblivion.
  • Monarchists: who wants to be ruled by a chinless inbred wonder just because their ancestors had better armies than yours?
  • Rex Gilroy: Thinks there's a huge carnivorous dinosaur in the Outback. and that's just the start...
  • Mel Gibson, for various other things.

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