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I've created this account, so that I'm not being seen as a harmful spammer when posting something.

Against all kinds of woo (especially Paranormal BS, pseudoscience, New Age/Astrology BS & Homeopathy/Osteopathy).

Seizing The Memes Of Production is an absolute must!

Politics stress me out...

Articles I might wanna try creating in the future:

1. VTuber (Although I created the parcer call, there are some things that are holding me back to create it. And how I want to create it (I kind of know how, but...), since it's a double-edged sword (the people in question aren't saints either, so)...)

2. Night of Shattered Glass

3. Night of Long Knives

4. Some games like Ethnic Cleansing I found an article from, but not sure if there's enough coverage online (Angry Goy I & II, Muslim Massacre & Zog's Nightmare). I could throw this in one page, But I don't know what to call it (This one doesn't have a parcer call, unlike the others).

5. A Gray State & It's director, David Crowley.

6. Lynn Andrews (Bumped against this one on the To do list. Her alternative BS is uh... "interesting", shall we say.)

7. List of Controversal Video Games & Mods (currently a sandbox so I can list them and write down some of the things that are notable for quick reference)

8. Pipkin Pippa (at this point she's basically bitching about most breadtubers & Destiny (got their attention aswell, btw), has 3 mods who are also Kiwifarms moderators and spews out a shitton of anti-semetic, transphobic & ableist BS you can think of. If this page ever gets created, it won't be long before she'll end up on our "Pissed at us" list and probably gets the same edit war BS as Shoe's page from her incels)

Maybe, but I think they're too big for me at the moment (all parcer calls):

1. Operation Gladio

2. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

3. Ghoul

4. Bahram Katirai (Based on his parcer call, he sounds interesting)

5. Bill Cosby

6. Captain Disillusion (I do follow the guy on Youtube, but wouldn't really know where to start...)

7. Sinead O'Connor


1. Deus Ex


1. The 2022 Archive

2. The 2023 Archive