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I bet the police and FBI love Josh.

Nothing makes law enforcement happier than websites that distribute how-to guides on making convincing terror threats (with handy email services for sending the threats), as well as detailed stories about child sex murder. Bonus! Now their members actually kill children (after chatting with Josh)!
—Paul McGoff[1]
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Kiwi Farms is a controversial internet forum that monitors what it calls "lolcows", supposed internet eccentrics.


Critics of Kiwi Farms point out "lolcows" who end up on the website are digitally stalked, harassed (by having rumours and smears posted about them) and doxed (including full names, birthdays, workplaces, personal social media accounts, and even street addresses and phone numbers).[2][3][4][5]

Kiwi Farms was originally dedicated to monitoring the online activities of an autistic person named Christine Weston Chandler (then known as Christian Weston Chandler). Many "lolcows" on the forum have autism, and Kiwi Farms labels these people "spergs" (after Asperger's syndrome), while transgender "lolcows" are described as "troons".[6] On Twitter, Kiwi Farms described its purpose as: "Gossip and exploitation of the mentally handicapped for amusement purposes."[7] For this reason, and the fact there is content that is offensive to the disabled on the forum, Kiwi Farms is considered by some to be a hate speech website. Furthermore, the sign-up page for the site comes with a disclaimer saying "autistics will be laughed at. Trannies will be misgendered. People will try to find where you live."[8]

Posters tend to lean right politically and some are involved with Encyclopædia Dramatica.

According to Alexa, Kiwi Farms receives over 1 million monthly sessions.[9]

Kiwi Farms was temporarily shut down on January 24th, 2017.[4] However, it has been reopened under the same management.

Joshua Conner Moon

Joshua Conner Moon

The admin of Kiwi Farms, Joshua Conner Moon is loosely associated with the alt-right. His @KiwiFarms Twitter account was permanently suspended for racism.[5][10] Moon supports Trump[11][12] and believes in the white genocide conspiracy theory.[13][14] He is a critic of feminism.[15] More controversially, he has posted that Muslims and refugees need to be killed.[16][17] In his defence, some Kiwi Farms users allege these statements are not serious.

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