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just a normal guy
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I'm just a normal demsoc on Rational Wiki. I support market socialism. I'm a skeptic. I believe that guns should be regulated. I do some cleaning up around the site. I joined pretty late and want to be a contribution, according to my ability.

My basic politics and view on the world[edit]

I believe that socialism should be brought about by democratic vote if possible. I also adhere to the beliefs of David Schweickart and Richard Wolff, specifically that it's who owns the means that's screwing it up for the rest of us and that markets can be used in a socialist society. I believe in economic democracy ( duh ), specifically a cooperative and Pluralist commonwealth, and that communism, due to it's adherence to moneyless society, is almost impossible.I also believe that the best type of enterprise is not only democratic, but organised decentrally, such as an interconnected system of councils.I like free trade as long as it's democratic firms and organised like the EU ( ie. A federation of nations organised in more than just free trade ). I'm fine with taxes, at a reduced rate ( there would be less cost, such as a democratisation of nationalised industries and less need for social welfare and bailouts ).

I'm socially progressive, believing that everyone should have an equal chance of opportunity, regardless of who they are ( unless they are convicted of serious crimes like murder or financial fraud ). I believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and that women should have the option of taking birth control and abortion. I believe trans people should have the option of surgery and that LGBT people should be allowed marry who they want as long as it's over 16. I also believe that using federal loans and changing how we fund schools, we can end the effects of red-lining. We should put in serious reforms of out policing system, including community councils regulating local police and elections of police higher ups by officers and the community.

I've become more anarchist as I've gotten older, believing that a confederation of municipalities can do just as good of a job as a state, even better, such as in Rojava right now, EZLN in Chiapas and CNT in Catalonia. I've also gotten more revolutionary, using Dual Power to build up a base of support and start conversion of capitalist firms to democratic ones.

On foreign policy, Bolivia's old government should be restored, Russia should preferably pull out of Ukraine and Belarus, North and South Korea should be reunified with political parties independent of the old ones,the UN should at least be given more powers with an exchange for the Big Three's veto and a support for a second Brexit referendum with the UK government. I have a mixed opinion on Northern Ireland. On one hand, it's a part of the island of Ireland. On the other, a majority of people are Unionist.

I believe that while a militia to defend your interests ( similar to a union except armed ) is fine, it should be well regulated and not used to spread a hateful agenda. I believe in free speech, free speech to say your views and criticise others views as well as to say your opinion on topics and I will practice my free speech with empiricism.

My view on the political parties of my country are as follows: Fine Gael: Depends on who it is. A Neo-Thatcherite or a social conservative is unacceptable but a Costellan is fine ( the social democratic wing of Fine Gael ). Fianna Fail: Unacceptable. Implemented the Progressive Democrats policies and wrecked our country. Their 1991 presidential candidate, and their party leader, were corrupt. Sinn Fein: Nice on democratic socialism but the IRA links puts me off. Labour: Wish they were bigger! The party of James Connolly should radicalise and spread. The Healy Raes: Independents in Kerry. I want to do an article on Danny Healy Rae because he's a loon. I don't live in Kerry though.

Non-political info[edit]

I'm a gamer and I like punk rock, specifically political punk ( I can't get away from politics ) from socialist ones like The Clash and Angelic Upstarts to anarchist ones like Crass to general progressives like Bad Religion I'm a deist and former Christian. I'm very interested in the study of history, especially political history of the 19th to 21st centuries, though that doesn't mean I don't know anything outside of political history in that time period nor do I lack knowledge outside of it. It just interests me the most out of all the subjects and time periods, as it's complicated and the most relevant to today.

Pages I'm working on/worked on[edit]

Socialism ( edited new sections ( eg. Market Socialism ) and fixed mistakes on )

Danny Healy Rae ( formerly in draft stage, now a proper article thanks to others such as User:evilatheistheathen and User:CircularReasoning )