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just a normal guy
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This user thinks arms should be "well regulated" per the Second Amendment
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I'm just a normal demsoc on Rational Wiki. I support market socialism. I'm a skeptic. I believe that guns should be regulated. I do some cleaning up around the site. I joined pretty late and want to be a contribution, according to my ability.

My basic politics and view on the world[edit]

I believe that socialism should be brought about by democratic vote if possible. I also adhere to the beliefs of David Schweickart and Richard Wolff, specifically that it's who owns the means that's screwing it up for the rest of us and that markets can be used in a socialist society. I believe in economic democracy ( duh ), specifically a cooperative and Pluralist commonwealth, and that communism, due to it's adherence to stateless and moneyless society, is almost impossible.

I'm socially progressive, believing that everyone should have an equal chance of opportunity, regardless of who they are ( unless they are in serious crimes ). I believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and that women should have the option of taking birth control and abortion. I believe trans people should have the option of surgery and that gays should be allowed to get married. I also believe that using federal loans and changing how we fund schools, we can end the effects of red-lining.

I believe that while a militia to defend your interests ( similar to a union except armed ) is fine, it should be well regulated and not used to spread a hateful agenda. I believe in free speech, free speech to say your views and criticise others views as well as to say your opinion on topics.

Non-political info[edit]

I'm a gamer and I like punk rock