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It's good to be back!

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CatWatcher was a first and one of my well-loved aliases on Conservapedia. Like a number of people I will not go into the others, but CatWatcher was my favourite because it was my first-blocked account, for pointing out that the originally-written Deceit article (by Ashlafly) had no fewer than 10 unproven claims. That was when I was naive.

I was eventually given an infinite block, but by then I had other fish to fry.

I enjoyed collaborating with other like minded souls on a number of articles. I remember the heady days when we were creating an interesting set of articles about British working class culture. There was Fish and Chips, Butties and lots of stuff. Most of the really good material is now, sadly gone. I still remember the section in Chip Shop in which Melchester was credited with being famous for 'fish flaps' from the local fat trout (slagula obesita). I can't remember who wrote that, but it was brilliant. I had a really good laugh that day. Unfortunately it got deleted because someone spotted that Melchester didn't exist. It was such a pity that I notice it has got reinstated in another place (Ssh!). A lot of the spoof stuff is very difficult to write, as if it is too obvious, it gets deleted right away, but if it is too subtle then no-one notices.

I am just an innocent little pussycat really

Of course, it wouldn't do to give too much away here, but as I have said on Conservapedia in at least one of my many versions - I know of some articles which are complete and utter fabrications, others which are 50% fiction, and others which while they have the appearance of truth actually contain subtle but important factual errors which render them unusable.

I am still contributing to Conservapedia. What is more I have actually written some pretty decent articles. (see Perry Theory, for example; if the guys on Conservapedia actually read that and understood it, they might realise exactly what is wrong with their world view.)


Complete Articles[edit]

  • God - I didn't start it, but I wrote the substantive part of the text
  • Perry Theory - I originally wrote this to make a point on Conservapedia, but it might be read here.
  • Reality - A topic totally unrelated to Conservapedia
  • Simulation Argument - I am a contributor to the Simulism Wiki. For those who recognise my style, you might actually find out more about me, like who I am, what I do, and why I have such an eclectic series of edits.
  • Pudding - Part of a series from the "fun" days at Conservapedia. It's still there, but it appears to have been written by some guy called PussyFooter (no idea who he is ) who got a block for it. Why, I have no idea at all.
  • Cunt - Grew out of a suggestion I made on Talk:Faggot
  • Prick - I am still not sure this is the right place to put this.
  • The Information Warrior's Handbook-a magnum o'puss (sic) If this has been vandalised, see here for an alternative.


  • Minor edit to Dyke
  • Added up to date info into Creation Museum - I was listening to an article on Radio 4 this morning, when Ken Ham provided "evidence" that dinosaurs and humans lived to gether - it was a picture on a cave wall which showed humans hunting dinosaurs. By the same token, I suppose that when we are dug up in 10,000 years time, someone will be believing that we are all travelling at warp speed, have Godzilla, King Kong and Pillsbury Dough Boys regularly trashing our cities, and have to fend off vampires, werewolves and Lord Voldemort. What planet does this guy lie on, 'cos it sure ain't mine.