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|F|A|B|L|E| |I|I
My anti-drug)

Gentlemen! I will shake your precious janitor, enabling me to destroy atheism on the internet. You should all be rinsing over Operation rifle, which will likely give Conservapedia a top result on a certain search engine starting with G.


I am not surprised that your comments in regards to Conservapedia are completely incessant. When it comes to evolutionism and mass murder, you gloss over that you are being grossly deficient regarding Conservapedia's Alexa rankings once again in your article about Conservapedia. In fact, by tomorrow, it is likely Evolution will have lost all vestiges of credibility. :) :) :)

Rest assured, Operation Spit is gathering steam!!! Will a second battery of comedy and satire be directed towards the S.S. Penn Jillette? Perhaps, in about 150 days or sooner? Sincerely,


Thanks to the fool who made me a sysop! BWAHAHAHA! Bold text