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Pretending to be a Christian can be fun and if people believe you it's even funnier.

Answer our stuff if you can. You deleted it because you're scared.[edit]

Atheists are finished, we know your stuff and can defeat you. Just take a peek at the atheist-slaying facts we have in two new books.

  1. What's So Great About Christianity
  2. The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible”.

Ordinary school kids and college students will soon know how to demolish the rubbish those atheist teachers spout so you can’t put kids against God much longer.

Do you want to know what to expect and just how we will pwn you? Just check out the website, How to Shut Up an Atheist. Find out why atheism is wrong and come to Jesus now.

How I worship[edit]

I feel spiritually at home at these Baptist Churches but sadly both are a bit cruel.

Christ Wire provides spiritual nourishment!

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Atheism is 'indeed foolish, we know that because The Bible says so in two places, Psalm 14 [1] and Psalm 53 [2]. The Bible can't possibly lie?

Militant atheism EXPOSED[edit]

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