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`This is a collection of links to CP that I think might be useful at some point. Nothing more should be assumed from a link being here.

  • RobS accuses Gulik3 of "quote-mining" the bible
  • TK reverts Global Warming for no obvious reason, and mis-reads whose version he was reverting to. By this edit, all his changes have been reverted.
  • More promises of interesting (rw-related?) information coming shortly, this time by Karajou.
  • A great example of TK's shut up and keep working, and certainly don't have an opinion attitude.
  • TK copies from Mother Jones(!), and doesn't even do any copy-editing to make the borrowed bits fit in the page well. The addition is to a bullet list of "Lawsuit and Litigation" items; the new item involves no lawsuits or litigation
  • TK can't tell the difference between cp:User:Billwsu and cp:User:Reaganomist2. Or once again assumes that everyone's Sid? User:GodlessLiberal was Reaganomist2, but was not Billwsu
  • RobS (isn't he the editor with all the Venona/CPUSA/cold-war-spy edits?) calls the "Southern Strategy" "conspiratorial"
  • TK instantly reverts an edit by DanH, re-introducing the text "[lesbianism] is arguably the natural state of female sexuality, and studies have shown that most women, consciously or unconsciously, desire to be homosexual. Unfortunately, patriarchal oppression over the last 2,000 years has suppressed much of this natural desire." 13 days later, he reverses the meaning of the first sentence, and removes the second, with the edit summary "Removed antiChristian bias and blatant lies." in his partial defense, for most of that 13 day period, the page was deleted. But then to confuse things more, there's the delete log...DanH deletes, TK restores ("No vote, no discussion, sysops acting as mob here"), TK deletes, TK restores (again, "No vote, no discussion, sysops acting as mob here").
  • Andy re-emphasises Roger Baldwin's socialism; I'd moved all that further down in the article (with Andy's approval) after Andy made the argument that the ACLU didn't deserve credit for filing and Amicus brief in Brown v. Topeka, because it was too old to be relevant. The edit summary also refers to an opinion column as a "Wall Street Journal article"
  • Mountain Dew considers 2 sentences (with source linked to with visible URL, but not explicitly quoted) to be plagiarism
    • (Note: Mountain Dew is sysop DanH's previous ID) Mad Min 06:11, 25 May 2007 (CDT)
  • Anti-gay congregations leaving the Episcopal church are a sign that conservatives are getting stronger in the Episcopal church, according to Andy. My questioning (did conservatives get stronger on Wikipedia when Conservapedia was started?) was never responded to
  • A dramatization and a lie are the same thing, Andy says
  • big TK Rudy Giuliani edit, largely from his official bio
  • I can't find the beginning of the conversation, but this sure looks like TK admitting he doesn't know how to read diffs. That would explain a lot. The edit linked to in the previous comment shows TK deleting a huge swath of material; the page had previously been edited by Niandra. He now thinks Niandra deleted the material.
    • Ah ha, here's the beginning. and WIGO either was convinced by TK's blaming Niandra, or is playing along.
  • TK's getting more liberal and libertarian?
  • Rschlafly doesn't understand (or claims for rhetorical reasons not to understand) the difference between Dr. Seuss calling himself "Dr." and Dr. Ruth and Dr. Laura doing the same thing.
  • Another conversation about CP's claimed pagecounts, this time with someone who knows how mediawiki counts -- keep an eye on to see if Andy answers the "do you count redirects?" question.
  • RobS cites a forum post from himself, under another name. (that post does give links to underlying information, so isn't actually too bad)
  • TK alters RobS's talk archive page, then protects it so nobody can restore it. wonder why he wants to hide the fact that there's a sysop mailing list? it's not like he doesn't talk about his private emails all the time.
  • Ed Poor calls out the "first act of deception" (the serpent telling Eve the apple is yummy); Andy removes that, calling it "what appeared to be a liberal attempt to discredit this important entry"
  • Andy joins RobS in denying that fascism is right-wing. (but didn't he implicitly admit as much as part of the Germany soccer-fan nazi-salute discussion?) Fox joins in the fun. Hoji's sane on the subject, but Fox reverts again. In this 2-sysop+1-wannabe(+1 more sysop on the sidelines, at least) edit war, who'll win? Hoji goes with 'authoritarian' instead.
  • Ooooh, Hoji & Andy have secrets
  • TK removes the Niemöller poem, then comes for the user who posted it.
  • RobS reverts 5 days worth of good (albeit small) changes to 'add cat'. how long before he notices?
    • He noticed, and implies Colest is either a troll or a sockpuppet -- see the talk page of this very article. He declines to fix the article, even the grammar mistake Sid pointed out in the talk page thread RobS replied to. Oh, and I just noticed -- the cats that RobS 'added' were already there in the version of the page he overrode.
    • Colest has reverted that edit -- will RobS stick by his claim that this was intentional and re-revert?
  • OpenSecrets says the HRC gives to Democrats, therefore the Democratic Party is "the United States' largest and most powerful de facto supporter of the Homosexual Agenda."; maybe do an article on what we can assume about Rs, using that logic (tobacco & bananas, from just giving random ID numbers to opensecrets)
  • Is Andy blaming wikipedia for being copied from? And how in the world can he make a big deal about a plagiarism case at all??
  • Andy says "Take a look at how smart humans were just 100 or 200 years ago by looking at their writings, and compare that to the average human writings today. Entropy predicts degradation of everything over time in the absence of intelligent intervention" -- compare the very best from the past with the average today, and conclude that human intelligence is degrading?!
  • RobS's reference for I. Lewis Libby's involvement in the Plame affair is a story about Kitt Bond criticizing Plame. on the plus side, CP gives Libby's first name ("Irve"), the first time I think I've seen anyone actually use it.
  • RobS clears out the latest complaints of sysop abuse (have any ever had any other response?) with the edit summary "(wipe the board clean -- we must be doing a good job -- absolutely no complaints)". I assume this is intentionally ironic/button-pushing, but still.
  • Andy: The WaPo and NYTimes never said "X". Commenter: "Uh, yeah they did, here and here" (URLs supplied). Andy: nuh uh! this other news story says they didn't!
  • TK's family in eminent domain battle? Maybe actually so (link left out to avoid name; find again with emeryville + last name).
  • RobS says the swastika at the top of cp:Nazi was "probably placed by some scumbag troll". It was added to the article by (newish Sysop) Will N (try #2), who also uploaded it. It was moved to the top of the article by bureaucrat SharonS. Rob's got a great track record recognizing trolls...
  • RobS blocks Wooyi with block msg 'libelous content at Tom Delay--Delay is not a convicted criminal', apparently in response to the initial page (which needed to be fixed, yes) and this edit. Although the initial page said DeLay was a "very very corrupt man", neither version says he had been convicted of anything (it does say Abramoff has been). Amusingly, even with 3 edits to clean that bit up to his satisfaction ([1], [2], [3]), it's still wrong about why DeLay stepped down. Although it's likely to happen, he hasn't yet been indicted on anything regarding Abramoff; all the existing indictments revolve around corporate contributions to TRMPAC and money laundering between TRMPAC and the RNC.
  • RobS follows up on the Wooyi blocking with a vague and bizarre legal threat for...something, against somebody.
  • BethanyS now a sysop; entries called out: cp:Harriet Tubman, cp:Mary McLeod Bethune, cp:Benjamin O. Davis Jr., cp:Nathan Hale, cp:George Calvert, cp:John Eliot, cp:Townsend Harris, cp:Robert H. Goddard, and cp:Lemuel Haynes.
  • TK admits he's wrong about something.
  • RobS, after spending a week lambasting Pelosi and Reid for allowing funding for the Iraq war, says about Barack Obama "In May 2007, Obama voted against an increase in the minimum wage from $5.85 to $7.25, which was intended to help America's most needy individuals." -- is there a way a Democrat could have voted on that that he wouldn't criticize? Is there a way a Republican could have voted that he would criticize?
  • RobS warns SevenString for this edit, saying "Warning: Your edits at Cambodia are a blockable offense; we take denial of Communist democide as serious as holocaust denial, and extremist views like this will cannot be placed within the mainspace. ". The "extremist" edit called the Khmer Rouge regime a "malevolent dictatorship", referred to "many Cambodians" dying on the rice plantations ("often dubbed as killing fields") and "the genocide of Vietnamese in Cambodia". This edit presumably removed all the "denial" and "extremist views", simply by using the word "communist" instead of "malevolent", "were exterminated" rather than "died", and removing the explanation for what the "killing fields" were (making it sound like the whole country was forced to work in an open-air mortuary for some odd reason). Sevenstring apologises, says it was c&ped from "a previous entry". sheesh. "my family and I would like to apologize for my face getting in front of the veep's gun"
  • Andy wants an apology from WP for an accurate-but-arguably-inappropriate quote on a page, which survived 2 months. also calls for "discipline of the editors/admins responsible" and "cleaning out similar smears like it on Wikipedia". how many inaccuracies and copyvios have survived on CP for that long, with sysop knowledge or complicity?
  • TK says "my own company runs such a set-up, with just 100 or so workstations"
  • RobS says tweaking CP sysops is a blockable offense
  • andy and will n crow about 12m page views
  • Crocoite and Conservative try to fix typos in cp:Fox News. TK reverts and redoes, reverts and redoes, and goes off on C&C. he claims edit conflicts even though the edit summaries clearly say 'revert' one after another. nobody gets to fix that article but him? diffs: [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] talk page: [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] Also, TK says they were Conservative's mispellings; two of the three came from this RobS edit; the third was from this TK edit.
  • new user Brian takes up where BethanyS left off on the Senate Glossary (but provides reference links); Karajou suggests the stubs are bad and a single article would be better.
  • CPWebmaster says you don't have to provide a reference when quoting a public domain source. Has commandment 2 been officially but secretly rescinded?
  • Philip J. Rayment says "name-calling is the resort of those with no better argument"
  • Jacques erases the last 20 days of the Clinton administration
  • TK continues to claim he has a workspace with multiple external IP addys
  • TK removes part of the spat he had with Andy, and then another part
  • DeborahB says TK "Makes awesome pages, very detailed and well-researched"
  • RobS claims that Fox News, WorldNetDaily, NewsMax and Cybercast News Service are 'mainstream and objective'
  • TK says (in response to a request to be blocked to deal with wiki-addiction) "this isn't RW. We don't block without cause". CP users who have previously been blocked at their own request (or blocked themselves): Jacobin, Flippin, DanH, ColinR
  • RobS just can't read. "I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you."
  • Is TK being deliberately stupid or does he really still not know how to read diffs? The original author was by CatWatcher; Human fixed some typos; Jacques made minor changes totally unrelated to Human's work, and leaving the bulk of CW's in place.
  • TK says "Do you make most of your living working and minipulating the media? I do."
  • TK calls on Conservative to reveal his name & credentials
  • RobS sees 'anti-Catholic and anti-Jesuit' bigotry in a discussion of 16th century censorship
  • TK copies a source for the Kataeb Social Democratic Party article which jumps straight into explaining the name "Phalangists" without first explaining that they're the same thing. Also broke the references section. Edit reason "Idiot wiki used left wing UK sites to source". The controversial bits, and all the cites, had already been removed. previously cited: the party's official website; a book published in the US.
  • RobS thinks Chomsky is the father of deconstructionism.
  • TK says Tash "blanked a page and put up just a picture of a goat". I can't find any such edit, nor any deleted pages around the time of the block. Am I missing it or is it TK's wikiskill showing again?
    • Ahh, I shouldn't have been looking at recent edits -- this was about a set of edits on May 22nd to cp:Goat and cp:Kid, where Tash removed vandalism.
  • Poor OrelP. -- he's gone for a few months, and when he's back nobody recognizes him. Karajou blocks him, Colest says he "wasn't here very long".
  • In RobS's world, Tim McVeigh was neither conservative nor a terrorist. Doesn't CP make a big deal about WP not calling Hamas or Hezbollah "terrorist groups"?
  • RobS thinks his bizarre New Ordeal article is being read "by WP" because 1. they made a chart bigger in their New Deal page, and 2. they removed the "Communists in the New Deal" section. What either has to do with his page is beyond me. #2 was reverted as vandalism 6 hours later, and later renamed just "Communism". It's still in the article.
  • TK protects cp:Conservapedia:Sysop and Admin Abuse
  • RobS reverts an addition to his New Ordeal page saying the term is new, because it's "unsourced"(!!)
  • RobS says there's money to be made in conservative bias; has the party line changed? Used to be, there was no financial benefit to being a conservative, and thus no motive for conservative deceit.
  • TK says one of the main jobs of a sysop is to add {{fact}} tags; has he ever added one? how many times has he removed them without adding a cite?
  • TK now owns cp:Cocaine
  • RobS says chemical formulas aren't family-friendly. also that Cocaine's not used in eye surgery, but that's just ignorant not insane.
  • cp:Regular Expression is just horrible. It doesn't explain where the term comes from; the explanation for what they are only makes sense if you already know, and its \bin example is wrong (wouldn't match 'thin', even in an RE language which defines \b as word break, which isn't all that common). at least there's no chance it's plagiarized
  • Andy can't spell "masturbate"
  • Karajou is sure some "bright college kids" can come up with a fuel which can be "cheaply made from anything common" and "can be put in the gas tank of any car on the road with little to no alteration of the car itself" -- why, he's brilliant! why hasn't anybody else thought of that? --jtltalk 21:09, 18 June 2007 (CDT)
  • TK edits Hoji's user (not talk) page to chastise him for not signing with timestamps (not clear where Hoji didn't, or what requires it other than TK's whim); days later, when Philip J Rayment reverts, TK reverts the revert within a minute
  • RobS removes 'discredited' conspiracy theory, leaving a bizarre non-sequiter "This is because Allende's leftist regime was banning cola sales and other capitalist operations." He later quotes the conspiracy theory, attributing it to a 'marxist' editor, supposedly one of Hoji's 'friends'. What the theory has to do with anything, and why he would quote a theory he claims is discredited, are just two more mysteries of RobS's mind.
  • TK demands proof of other people's claims of talking to Andy
  • TK reverts a change Crocoite makes to his own talk page. Not really a castle, even for sysops?
  • Even when TK writes a personal "what I believe" page, he plagiarizes.
  • Andy makes a claim 'verifiable' by changing a definition.
  • Andy tells a user to learn about a subject before writing to it -- what happened to "don't read a book, write a book"?

Not actually a CP link:

  • TK says "If any of you are so moronic as to not realize how morally and intellectually wrong it is to equate people you disagree with as mass murders, I pity you". I think the comparison he's complaining about there was someone pointing out that the 'I was only following orders' defense hasn't been considered acceptable for about 60 years. And this was after he introduced fascism into the conversation
  • TK posts what appears to be a private email from another user.