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Hello, I am a relatively new user to Rationalwiki though I am very active on the discord I been banned from the discord.

Here are the relevant contributions I made to Rationalwiki so far.

I created the bulk of the page of Julia Serano's Intrinsic Inclination Model: This is a trans feminist theory of gender.

I did another on the Ecological Fallacy with help from another user on the discord:

An article on the nefarious Teal Swan: An anti-psychiatry, exploitative, new-age woo-peddler.

I started the article on dry-needling: which was expanded upon by other users.

I wrote this article on noted cool dude Ben Barres:

I also contributed heavily to the Hyperianism article with another user:

I consider myself a skepticism advocate with very little patience for pseudoscience, and the supernatural. I also politically identify as an intersectional feminist and libertarian socialist.

My hobbies and interests include drawing, practicing formal logic, playing the piano (poorly), and reading books on philosophy and science.