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Hello, I have been on this website for years but am still too much of a wiki-noob to figure things out. I try my best though.

My hobbies include making visual art and playing the piano

I identify as a strong supporter of scientific skepticism, and critical thinking. Politically I lean pretty strong into the libertarian left, as I am a member of the Industrial Workers of the World. I am really big into formalized logic, both classical and non-classical. My personal preference is in modal extensions of classical logic but mostly basic modal logic, though I am very interested in epistemic logic. I currently hold a BA in Psychology and plan on getting into a MA program in Philosophy. I am a lab worker dating a fellow lab worker with a B.Sc in biochemistry and molecular biology. He works in the ion chromatography department. We nerd out together on horror movies, science, and poking fun at pseudoscience.

I been increasing my presence on this site as of recently, and hoping to make myself a valuable contributor and active editor.

I hope you are having a great day!!

Current Projects[edit]


Pages I Started[edit]

Teal Swan:

Modal Logics:

Ben Barres:

Intrinsic Inclinations Model:

Ecological Fallacy:

Dry Needling:

Philosophical Views[edit]


- Materialism

- B-theory of Time.

- Conserved Quantity Theory of Causality.

- Monism

- Determinism


- Externalism

- Contextualism

- Tracking-Theory of Knowledge -


- Moral Nihilism

- Error Theory

Philosophy of science[edit]

- Scientific Monism

- Ontological Reductionism

- Mechanistic View of Explanation


- Absurdism

- Cosmic Nihilism

- Igtheism


- Intersectional Feminism

- Industrial Unionism

- Anti-Totalitarianism