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Hello, I have been on this website for years but am still too much of a wiki-noob to figure a lot of the proper formatting out. I try my best though.

I am currently a Masters Student in Philosophy, my current research seems to be going into the direction of talking about the relationship between epistemic responsibility (only believing that which you have sufficient evidence for), and broader issues relates to social injustice, human rights violations, and feminist ethics.

I flirt with formal epistemology, cognitive science, and the philosophy of biology. My undergraduate degree was in psychology, but I feel as sciences the social sciences can be a mixed bag in terms of evidential standards.

My hobbies include visual art, doing exercises in both formal logic and mathematics, and reading non-fiction. I have experience working in a private sector lab that did work related to environmental regulations. My partner currently works there, he is an analytic chemist.

Being a master's student and all, with various TA duties and research responsibilities, I may be less active on this site. My activity here may spike again between semesters or sometime after my program.

Current Projects[edit]


Pages I started and contributed heavily to[edit]

Teal Swan:

Modal Logics:

Ben Barres:

Intrinsic Inclinations Model:

Ecological Fallacy:

Dry Needling:

W.V.O Quine:

Formal Epistemology:

Robert Nozick:

Angela Davis:

Essays I wrote[edit]

Rationally Understanding Queerness:

What Kind of "Cause" is Natural Selection?:

Pages I contributed heavily to . . . but did not start[edit]

Bertrand Russell:

White Savior:


Slothful Induction:

Things I plan to maybe add[edit]

The Rubber Hand Illusion - A paradigm experimental set up in psychology that tricks the brain into perceiving a rubber hand as part of the body it occupies. Very bizarre effect that may or may not be overstated in pop science. May be of particular interest to skeptics who wish to maintain neuropsychological humility.

Mass Spectrometry - Surprised we don’t already have a page on this. It’s a method used in analytical chemistry and other disciplines. It typically involves ionizing molecules and subjecting them to a magnetic field. All the while the molecule is traveling towards a detector. The mass of the molecule determines the degree to which the molecule is moved by the magnetic field, changing the angle of its trajectory. This changes where it ends up on the detector, and if you know a molecules total mass then you can use the measurement of mass to identify it. Given how often references to this method are used across various pages it seems relevant to have a page dedicated to the method itself.

Ernest RutherfordWikipedia - A very important 20th century physicist known for discovering the proton, and the atomic nucleus. Also well known for his work in radioactivity. We have pages on various other scientists, but not this guy?