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Abu Bakar in 2015. Lovely bars you have there.
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Abu Bakar Bashir (1938–) is an extremist Indonesian Muslim cleric and leader of Jamaah Ansharut TauhidWikipedia. For many years Bashir seemed able to avoid prison as if he were a Cosa Nostra boss despite mountains of evidence against him, but his luck finally ran out in 2011. Well into his late seventies, Bashir is currently incarcerated until 2026 and will die in prison unless he's very sprightly or someone lets him out early.Newsflash, Bashir was released from prison in 2018, by of all people, supposedly securalist Joko WidodoWikipedia government.


Bashir was born in Central Java in 1938. He was educated at an Islamic boarding school there before becoming active in various student groups. In the early 1970s, he founded the notorious Al-Mukim Islamic School, described by the International Crisis GroupWikipedia as the Ivy League for recruitment of Indonesian terrorists. Al-Mukim alumni include Hambali (Riduan Isamuddin)Wikipedia, described as the Osama Bin Laden of Southeast Asia, and a long list of operatives linked to various terror attacks in Indonesia.[1]

He was first imprisoned from 1978 to 1982 for actively promoting sharia law in Indonesia and refusing to accept the secular nature of the nation as enshrined it its constitution. Upon release he exiled himself in Malaysia only returning to Indonesia in 1999, after the fall of the Suharto regime. Indonesian governments in the early Reformation Era seemed to find it difficult to convict him of anything too serious, and he spent only relatively short periods in jail in 2003-2004 and again from 2005 to 2007. A request in 2002 from the US Government to render Bashir into their custody was denied by Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri.[2]

In 2008, Bashir formed the extreme Islamist group Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT) and has been its leader ever since. He has though denied the very existence of the transnational extremist group Jemaah IslamiyahWikipedia, let alone his own role as its spiritual leader as claimed by the United States.[3].

What looked like being Bashir's final incarceration began in 2011 with a sentence of 15 years for setting up a Jihadist training camp in the semi-autonomous Indonesian province of Aceh.[4]. However, news broke in October 2015 of a planned appeal on the grounds that he knew of the camp in Aceh but thought that it was for "marching training", and that the funds he provided were for the purchase of an "ambulance". [5]. During a court hearing pertaining to this appeal in Jan 2016, Bashir's lawyers further claimed that he had donated 150 million rupiah for weapons and military training in Aceh to assist with the liberation of Palestine and not carry out terrorism acts in Indonesia.[6]. This hearing coincided with bomb attacks in Jakarta for which DAESH claimed responsibility and which we carried out by radicals thought to have previously been associated with Bashir's Jemaah Islamiyah group.


Bashir founded the Indonesian Mujahedeen Council (MMI), a coalition of extremist Islamist groups charged with promoting the implementation of sharia law in Indonesia. In a fit of megalomania, Abu Bakar took his ball home and did not want to play any more, resigning his position as the MMI supreme leader, arguing that the internal democratic structure of the group contradicted Islam.[7]

In 2007, Bashir ranted that tourists in Bali were 'worms, snakes and maggots' with specific reference to the immorality of Australian infidels.[8]

From his prison cell in 2014 Bashir pledged allegiance to DAESH and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.[9]

CIA set off a nuke in Bali[edit]

To support his assertion that Jemaah Islamiyah never even existed, Bashir claims the CIA and Israel are behind all terror attacks in Indonesia including the 2002 Bali bombingsWikipedia. Even after open confessions from the bombers (who were his former students), Bashir insisted that the CIA replaced the Bali bombs with a "micro-nuclear" weapon.[10]