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Since this episode was filmed[edit]

Don't panic: I'm still LANC :) I only "came back" when I was going through my email spam folder and found the message about the security breach. I note that the article that led me to LANC - I deleted it, hypocrites kept restoring it - has since been memory-holed as "vile trolling"... Yes, I was ahead of the fucking curve, while RW 1.0 was still a slave to ideology (and a den of hypocrisy). I'll save you the "I told you so" about my warnings of the impending Alt-right; you all thought it was fundy Christians that posed the biggest threat to western democracy: I warned you it was neo-nazis and antisemites, most of whom wouldn't know a bible from a TV Guide. But, in hindsight, the denizens of RW 1.0 were acting in good faith. Mostly. However: no apologies; if I called you a "cunt", it's because you acted in a cuntish fashion. Get over it. And me? I acted in a cuntish fashion, too; I was a bit younger then, and a lot angrier. These days I'm still angry, but I have a much longer fuse. I vote Corbyn. I'm a Bennite. In the (almost) decade since I hung out with the reprobates and fundies at RW and CP I've seen my eldest daughter marry and have children; I've served 3 back-to-back tours in Afghanistan, I've moved house once; I've trained 2 Arms/Explosive search dogs and 1 High Assurance search dog (all Springers); I'm a well-respected editor at Wikipedia (you'd piss yourself laughing if you knew who :D); I've had one alcohol-fuelled punch-up (although we are now close friends: perhaps I did knock sense into him); and I've remained a volunteer with a well-known animal charity. Looking back, I don't particularly dislike anyone from RW 1.0 except perhaps Susan. I'm not convinced she was who she said she was, and I always thought it fishy that her "brother" tried to carry on using "her" account - posting the same stream of "fuck offs" that she did - after her "death" and without bothering to mention she had died: if it looks like a turd, you don't need to lick it to be sure. Anyway, fuck you all. Except User:Ace McWicked - to whom I can only say: Fight me, kiwi bitch. Now. :P Oh, and I still love krautrock, even the modern English krautrock! Fox (talk) 22:23, 22 August 2017 (UTC)

That was one hell of a comment.—CheeseburgerFace Spinning-Burger.gif (talkstalk) 22:43, 22 August 2017 (UTC)
He was one helluva guy. Who can forget the night he blocked TK indefinitely then unblocked every Rationalwiki sock on Conservapedia?? Okay, so maybe we all forgot that: it's not really relevant today. But it was fucking hilarious 8/9 years ago :) Fox (talk) 23:16, 22 August 2017 (UTC)