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Vigrid (named after the field on which the battles of Ragnarok will be fought, and not to be confused with the main setting of Bayonetta) is a neo-Nazi Odinic cult based in Norway. It was founded by Führer Father Pastor Balder Tore Tvedt and is currently led by Thorgrim O. Bredesen.

Unlike Norse neo-pagan religions such as Asatru, Vigrid's theology is monotheistic, revolving around a belief in an omnipotent, Yahweh-esque "Odin" as the true god, and ignoring the rest of the Norse pantheon. Odin's arch-enemies, according to the Tvedtites, are Jews and all non-whites, which his army of Nordic blue-eyed blondes must destroy. Unfortunately, the Vast Jewish Conspiracy seems to be too powerful to be destroyed by their supposedly omnipotent god, considering that it continues to control everything in the universe and Vigrid has been unable to stop it. Or maybe, Vigrid is bullshit. You decide.

Basically, it's a European pagan version of Christian Identity or the Ku Klux Klan.

Vigrid started a political party that ran in the 2009 elections in Buskerud. They got a poor result overall — precisely 179 votes, 1 more than the Abortion Opponents' List and 6th worst overall, coming out at 0.007% of the total votes[1] — but won 9% in a school election, because some kids thought voting for Nazis would be cool. This exceedingly bad turnout is made worse by the fact that you need 500 signatures of support to run in an election in Norway.

Ironically, the best-known Norwegian Nazi heathen, Varg Vikernes, is not known to be a member of this organization.

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