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“Knowledge Aflame” seems a bit interesting considering the idea of “Academic Freedom”.
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Liberty University, originally called Liberty Baptist College, is a fundamentalist Christian university founded by the late Jerry Falwell. A large number of Liberty University graduates were hired by the George W. Bush administration, especially in the Department of Justice.


[edit] Liberty?

The name is reminiscent of Orwellian doublethink (Ministry of Truth, Ministry of Love, et cetera), since Liberty University students do not have the liberty to attend dances, break curfew, watch "R" rated movies, view sexually explicit material, enter the bedroom of someone of the opposite sex, or otherwise exhibit behavior "associated with a counterculture."[1] Students may not drink alcohol, or smoke tobacco, or organize petitions without permission, and are also subjected to random, mandatory drug tests. This restrictive code of conduct is called the "Liberty Way."[2](broken link) No joke intended. Academic posts are entirely non-tenured so the authorities can control staff as well. Falwell has said, "Where tenure is practiced, eventually theistic evolution is taught."[3]

Secondly, it is barely a university. The lack of academic and other freedom (again, not a joke) has not improved the university’s academic performance; Liberty University has earned a prominent place on Radar Online’s list of the worst colleges in the country.[4] Despite their lack of academic credentials, their debate team appears to be one of the highest ranked in the nation. In reality Liberty University notch up points by debating small colleges where they can win. LU rarely debate the tough opponents like Harvard and when they do they tend to lose. [5][6] It should be noted that they sponsor their debate team in order to create the lawyers that they hope will argue against Roe v. Wade.[7]

But participating in championship debating requires them to be capable of debating both sides of a question; this means that some of their debaters have to, on occasion, argue in favor of legalized abortion. This has drawn criticism from at least one Dominionist crank who thinks that because Aristotle was "probably a homosexual," he had nothing useful to say on the subject of logic.[8](broken link)

Randall Price, head of the university's Center for Judaic Studies, is planning a trip to Turkey to find remnants of Noah's Ark (but which Biblical literalist "academic" hasn't?).[9][10](broken link)

The seal of Liberty depicts a book with a "tongue of fire" atop it and the motto "Knowledge Aflame."[11] This is either the most unintentionally hilarious image ever, or evidence that they intend on destroying all knowledge they disagree with; skeptics are not allowed close enough with their irony meters to get an accurate reading.

Senator Ted Cruz gave his 2016 presidential announcement at the university, where students had to go or they would face a $10 fine. In the crowd you can also see some students wearing Rand Paul shirts.[12]

[edit] Academia

Some of the most highly "coveted" classes one can take at Liberty University include classes that teach creationism[13](broken link) and, particularly, Young Earth Creationism in lieu of evolution or actual biology. The university, itself, has a "Center for Creation Studies,"[14] which, similar to the Discovery Institute, seeks to create evidence supporting creationism out of thin air.

Science Degree Programs

Undergraduate degrees

  • Zoology (Including Pre-Vet minor)
  • General Biology
  • Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
  • Biomedical Science
  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Zoo and Wildlife Biology
  • Environmental Biology

Graduate degrees

  • M.S. in Biomedical Science
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (note- Their D.O. program only has provisional accreditation from the American Osteopathic Medical Association which means graduates may have a harder time getting licensed)

[edit] "Research"

The Pre-Trib Research Center is based at Liberty University:

PTRC Mission Statement The Pre-Trib Research Center is a "think tank" committed to the study, proclamation, teaching and defending of the Pretribulational Rapture (pre-70th week of Daniel) and related end-time prophecy.[15]

[edit] School of Aeronautics

In 2005 Liberty University opened their School of Aeronautics[16] which has "grown from four students to over 300 in our accredited, FAA-certified aviation program to become one of the two largest Christian university aviation programs in America." The program is "approved to train and certify everyone from private pilots to airline transport pilots," so it is now entirely possible that the person flying your commercial flight actually believes the Earth is 6,000 years old.

[edit] Nursing programs

The University offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing to Doctor of Nursing programs. Liberty teaches their program by "Christian Ethical Standards". Their website describes this as:

The nursing program is designed to provide individuals with a broad educational background, which builds upon Biblical knowledge, liberal arts, behavioral and social sciences as well as nursing. The curriculum is directly derived from the stated purpose, philosophy, objectives and organizing framework of the Department of Nursing, based on Patricia Benner’s nursing theory and the nursing process. It provides a framework for practice and a conceptual approach to the nursing curriculum.

[edit] Local influence

Against the wishes of approximately everyone in the universe, Liberty went ahead with their plan to desecrate a mountain overlooking most of Lynchburg, Virginia with a giant logo so large it can literally be seen clear into the next county. Children and the elderly have been known to break down into tears at the sight of the monstrosity, defacing what was once a beautiful part of the Appalachians.

Liberty owns, either directly or indirectly, many local businesses, including a movie theater, a year-round ski slope, some strip malls, and a diploma millanother diploma mill, that is.[17] People who protest Liberty are served notices that they are henceforth banned from all these properties, which is essentially everything in town but the Sheetz. It is the reason why no restaurants bother staying open late, because the students all have to be kissed goodnight at 11pm 8pm.

Many disturbances at the other private colleges in town are caused by Liberty students who think they can sneak out to stay up late and watch movies like normal people.

[edit] Liberty Christian Academy

Like Bob Jones University and a few other fundy madhouses, LU also operates a private high school, Liberty Christian Academy.[18]

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