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Colin Robertson, better known as Millennial Woes, is a Scottish white supremacist alt-right YouTube personality.[1][2][3][4] He typically films his hate-filled rants out of a dark room while chain smoking and always appears extremely joyless.[5]


Robertson is from Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland.[4][3][6] He briefly attended a London art college in the mid-2000s before launching his racist far-right YouTube channel in 2013 after a long period of unemployment and collecting welfare.[3]

Ironically, Robertson denounces immigrants for exploiting state benefits, yet he was a long-time government handout recipient himself.[7][3][4]

Robertson claims to be a millennial, but he is, in fact, a Gen X'er and lived in his father's attic at the ripe age of 35.[7]


Robertson started as a neoreactionary before radicalizing further into white supremacism and racism. He points out that he became a virulent anti-Semite after being radicalized and introduced to the so-called "Jewish Question". He firmly identifies with racialism, white nationalism, Holocaust denial and the Alt Right. His viewers tend to be male NEETs (young people who are Not in Education, Employment, or Training).[5]

Asked what the most controversial view he holds, Colin Robertson responded he is pro-slavery:

I think I am pro-slavery.[5]

He has genocidal fantasies:

The only thing that will take care of itself is the oncoming bloodshed. That these people in the EU and in national governments have worked to bring about.[5]
I wonder if these refugees, vulnerable though they are, should be seen rather as the enemy. Maybe we should blow up their boats. Send some torpedos[sic] and fuck them up. You are going to get lots of men, women, and children who lose arms, legs, and then drown. It is horrendous. It's the worst death you can have.[5]

He wants to establish a pure white ethnostate in Britain and repatriate all non-whites from said territory.[8] Robertson even wishes to break up mixed race families and deport them outside of Europe, such as Africa.[8]

Robertson frequently attends neo-Nazi and white nationalist conferences throughout Europe.[9]


Robertson is disturbingly ambivalent about bestiality, while he would not commit bestiality himself - he considers there to be nothing wrong with it.[10]

Stopped clock[edit]

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Robertson is more progressive concerning LGBT issues. He is a bisexual (once describing himself as 25% homosexual and 75% heterosexual); the latter has caused some in the Alt Right to criticize him.

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