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His favorite YouTube background image. This is actually Naram-Sin of AkkadWikipedia's W.svg, the grandson of Sargon of Akkad. But history is basically fake news.
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If you were looking for the infinitely more noteworthy and hirsute emperor of the Akkadian Empire,Wikipedia's W.svg TOO DAMN BAD!
[SJWs] are impervious to reason and are busy self-congratulating in their echo chambers and do not have any grasp on reality.
—Sargon of Akkad, whose sense of irony was surgically removed[1]
He's literally a grown man with the attitudes of a naive teenaged boy.
—Libertarian Socialist Rants[2]

Sargon of Akkad (SOA; also known as Carl Benjamin[3]) is a YouTube talker who attacks those he considers to be regressive leftists, SJWs, and radical feminists. He paints himself as a "classical liberal" who believes in equality. In practice, his videos almost always attack "the left" (read: social liberals) and "the media" (read: any news with adjectives[4]) and defend social conservatives. His supporters form two groups: [1] "anti-SJW" liberals who think he criticizes the bad parts of liberalism and [2] conservative or alt-right anti-progressives.



I'm for finding the truth of the matter using rational arguments backed up by evidence. I do my own research and I try to be thorough. I also like to have in-depth conversations with stimulating people on a wide variety of subjects, varying from gaming, anti-ideology,[note 1] history and fiction.
—Sargon of Akkad, a "classical liberal" and an entirely objective, neutral, non-ideological person[5]

Sargon runs four YouTube accounts, covering his main channel,[5] livestreams,[6] gaming,[7] and reading ancient texts aloud.[8] As of January 2016, since account creation in 2010, his combined accounts have over 330,000 subscribers[note 2] and 56.5 million views. Currently, he makes at least $1000 per video, according to Patreon.[9][note 3]


Sargon of Akkad is such low hanging fruit. He's basically a tomato.
—/r/BadPolitics on Sargon of Akkad[10][note 4]


Sargon of Akkad: unbiased non-racist
Hello everyone, today we're going to have a look at why social justice warriors are such raging racists.
—Sargon of Akkad[11]
—Sargon of Akkad,[12][13] who has never Googled "racism" or even "racial media bias"Wikipedia's W.svg

Sargon's favorite whipping boy is the so-called "progressive left," which he considers to be a "cancer" on the left wing. He defines "progressives" as leftists that dabble in authoritarian collectivism, claim racism and sexism where there is none, and suppress dissent through "censorship". Extending this, Sargon puts the stereotype of the SJW and "modern feminists" squarely under this "progressive left" umbrella as a way to broaden the line of attack and avoid being labeled a misogynist. All of this ignores three very important things: one, an American progressive is a European social democrat;[note 5] two, progressivism already has a dictionary definitionWikipedia's W.svg that is nowhere near as crackpot as he claims; and three, the term "Neo-Progressive", which he says defines the movement as a whole, was taken straight from the Heritage Foundation.[note 6]

A central tenet of Sargon's videos is that identity politics should be off-limits,[note 7] arguing that the so-called "far left" uses baseless allegations of racism and sexism to further an ulterior motive.[note 8] For this reason, most of his effort is spent ridiculing social justice under the misguided (at best) belief that racism and sexism are no longer issues in the western world, and that anyone who says otherwise is one of those shady progressives. This is particularly laid out in his "Liberal Ideas" series.[14]

Sargon does support some genuinely progressive / liberal positions. He is pro-gay marriage, doesn't like Fox News,[note 9] is a consistent defender of workers' rights, and made two videos eviscerating the British Conservative Party for waging class warfare.[15][16] Sargon once told Kyle Kulinski that a system that breeds billionaires should not exist; a strikingly socialist (and decidedly not "classical liberal") thing to say. Similarly, Sargon's defense of workers' rights and talk of class warfare are more along the lines of Marxism, not "classical liberalism".[17] Yet overall Sargon is a defender of the status quo:

For example, Sargon who has never Googled "poverty" takes the following stance:[18]

The only people who are actually oppressed by capitalism are people who either can't work, people who've lost a leg or are morbidly obese or something like that, or people who don't want to work because they're fucking lazy, or people who don't have any other skills because they did gender studies degrees. Believe it or not, everyone else actually does pretty well out of capitalism, y'know, something like a house, a car, holidays, food on the table, entertainment, luxuries.

However, the overriding tone and content of Sargon's channel consists of opposition to "the left".


Reality has an anti-feminist bias.

Sargon is perhaps most well-known for his "Why Do People Hate #Feminism" series.[20] His channel is positively filled with videos of the type, "Feminist gets DESTROYED" or "Feminist gets TRIGGERED".[21][22][23][24][25]

—Sargon of Akkad, matriarchy victim[26]

Sargon defends Elliot Rodger's murderous rampage by claiming "feminist cultists" are responsible for misogyny.[27] In particular, he lays the blame on feminists for "disenfranchising" men so that they have "no options".[28] We at RationalWiki agree: Mr. Rogers' total inability to get laid was a horrendous restriction of his rights.

Petition: "Suspend Social Justice Courses from UNIVERSITIES"

In 2016, Sargon created a petition to "Suspend Social Justice Courses" from "UNIVERSITIES [sic]". He claims that: [29]

Social justice has become scientifically illiterate, logically unsound, deeply bigoted and openly supremacist. Social justice professors are indoctrinating young people into a pseudoscientific cult behind closed doors that is doing damage to their health, education and future.

And in the relevant video, Sargon claims:[30]

Colleges and universities are literally teaching teenagers that every white person is racist. This poison is coming from academia and it is to the detriment of not only wider society, but the students who are brainwashed to believe this cult. It needs to be stopped.

This is certainly a shift from saying that "Free Speech is the Answer to Political Correctness".[31] Sargon and the Islamic Republic of Iran should have a chat: the latter has already banned social sciences seen as Western, and was especially worried about shutting down women's studies and human rights courses.[32] Perhaps reactionaries have something in common with Islamists, too—ie, supporting free speech only when they're taking advantage of it.

Conspiracy theories

Although Sargon is largely not a fan of conspiracy theories, he does hold some conspiracist views.

Trump defender

The only joy I get in talking about Trump is how he turns you [a liberal Twitterer] mental.
—Sargon of Akkad, who doesn't like talking about Trump[36]

Real beliefs of one Sargon of Akkad, a "classical liberal" leftist:

  • "You will have two anti-establishment characters running for president and thank God, it means that Bernie Sanders is going to win."[37]
  • "I'd love to see Trump as president. He's crazy, but fuck it, how could it be any worse."[38]
  • On "The Assassination of Donald Trump" (44:08!), in which Trump is, quote, "a manifestation of the will of the people" to "regain control of the system". According to Sargon, if Trump loses, then his successor will be a "Julius Caesar" who will "end [the American] republic".[39]
  • Sargon whined about John Oliver's #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain skit.[40] Twice.[41] (Sargon also apparently fails to realize that, in a show spanning 30 minutes, the end skit was not actually the brunt of Oliver's criticism.)
  • "Hillary must lose."[42] Since then, it's been a downhill slide:
  • "Anyone But Hillary"[43]
  • Trump's election will "spell the end of social justice, which I think is a damn good thing"[44]
  • Liberals_thought_Trump_would_lose_but_Trump_won_ergo_social_justice_is_dumb.mp4[45]
  • Sargon defending poor Donald Trump from the biased media.[46] And again.[47] And again.[48] And again.[49] And again.[50] And again.[51] And again.[52] Or, as Sargon put it: "They do nothing but lie. Trump is right to call CNN fake news and ignore their requests for comment."[53]
  • @Sargon_of_Akkad: "People want me to be mad at Trump all the time because they are, but the man just keeps fucking winning. What can I do? [Image: George Soros loses money]"[54]
  • "Walls are not racist"[55]
  • "Anyone got a Trump/May handshake, Hillary supporter autistic screeching meme?"[56]
  • "And left-wing radicals try and fail repeatedly to assassinate Trump, while initiating violence and public persecution of his supporters."[57]
  • "'Trump is a horrible populist!' / 'Trump is the enemy of the people!' Pick one."[58]

Reactionary fanboys

Sargon has been endorsed by:

  • Reactionary neo-Nazi blog MoreRight[59]
  • The English Defense League[60] (Sargon sees no problem with this, even claiming it as a win (though he acknowledges that the EDL is racist).[61])
  • Rabidly anti-feminist Paul Elam of A Voice for Men. (Originally, Elam criticized Sargon over his claims that MRAs have "achieved nothing".[62] After viewing AVFM's video, Sargon apologized and agreed that MRAs have achieved change.[citation needed] Paul Elam then said that they subscribe to Sargon, watch his videos, and that there is a "Good person in that man".[63])
  • The decidedly reactionary Breitbart, which looked positively on "his parody of their identity politics"[64] described him as a cultural libertarian (read: opposed to the "regressive left")[65]

Sargon also runs a channel called "The New Memedia", which is aimed at engaging his "meme culture" audience. Sargon hasn't helped matters by repeatedly posting videos about "Kekistan",[note 10] a fictional ethnicity that he describes as oppressed. Kekistan is symbolized by a Nazi flag with "KEK" replacing the swastika and frequent Pepe memes.[66][67][68][69][70] Unsurprisingly, this has attracted many alt-right types.

Spat with the Daily Stormer

Sargon of Akkad is Just an SJW Who Hates Women
—TL;DR: hating on progressives isn't racist enough for neo-Nazis[71]

Andrew Anglin, neo-Nazi founder & editor of the white supremacist Daily Stormer website, criticized Sargon for not being right-wing enough. Anglin put out an article titled, "Sargon of Akkad Needs to Address His Implicit Support for Pakistani Child-Rape". It reads:[72]

Sargon of Akkad, who is probably the best anti-feminist YouTuber, has put out another video about Rotherham.

It’s good enough, but fails to deal with the core problem, which is that we are being invaded by an alien race. Instead of addressing the reality that these people engaged in this child-rape program because they were non-White Moslems who have a completely different biological make-up and thus a completely different moral framework, he blames it on political correctness.

Sargon's video indeed blamed the rapes on British society's supposed "political correctness".[73] Sargon of Akkad responded, saying:[74]

"A statement which anyone with two brain cells to rub together would be able to discern means that British authorities allowed this to carry on, because they were afraid of being called racist, in the face of Pakistani community leaders demanding that something be done. Again, I stress that this is a failure of the British authorities. Any community will have a subset of it that is a nefarious criminal element.

And the Daily Stormer shot back:[71]

On the whole, I believe that people who are criticizing modern liberalism, and not talking about the invasion, are wasting time. Obviously, here on the Daily Stormer, we talk about all sorts of issues with the modern system, from historical revisionism to gay “marriage.” However, the main issue, the one which we nail ceaselessly, is the replacement of our population with hordes of non-Whites. Because we can pass a law banning homosexuality, we can remove the vote from women, we can redistribute wealth. One thing we can never do, however, is reclaim our homelands once the hordes reach a saturation point and declare themselves rulers. There is simply no going back from that. Once it is done, it is done.

I was fine with Sargon being a reactionary who focused exclusively on the feminist issue. I have watched many of his videos, and not really disagreed with any of it. However, if that is where he feels comfortable, even if it is simply because he wants to remain on YouTube, that’s fine. But seeing him blame the British people for Pakistani child rape gangs was something that needed addressed [sic].


Sargon’s video relies heavily on the punchy dry-humor which makes Sargon a popular YouTube personality. He is not known for introducing new ideas, and that is fine, we like to watch his videos anyway because he recycles other people’s ideas in a way which is fun. Often very fun. Regrettably, with this video, the ideas he recycles are tired SWJ memes which could have been pulled directly from any random Tumblr blog.

In the end, Anglin has this to say about Sargon:[75]

I have now pretty well agreed not to argue with Sargon of Akkad any further, as I don't really see any point to it, and feel that on some level he is leading people in our direction (as we are the obvious conclusion of reactionary thought), so there is no reason to try and obliterate him.


On religion in politics, Akkad made a video called "God Has No Place in Politics" and[76] stated (not quite uniquely[77]):

A god is like a penis. It's fine to have one, and be proud of it, but it's not okay to wave it around in everyone's faces.

He has also made videos critical of Ray Comfort[78] and Kim Davis.[79]

On RationalWiki

See the main article on this topic: RW:PISSED

Not so positive:[80]

@DoeringNorman tweeted:

Not a big fan of rationalwiki but I believe them when they call Spirit Science woo:

In response, @Sargon_of_Akkad tweeted:

Good lord, it's too crazy for "rational" wiki?

Later, when discussing Richard Dawkins' no platforming by feminist critics, Sargon said:[81]

And they decided to show their colors by linking to the article about me on RationalWiki. A place so honest they actually think I'm a Donald Trump supporter. Of course anyone with half a brain knows that RationalWiki is to rationalism what FreeThoughtBlogs is to skepticism.

In this instance, Sargon is defending his argument that Islamists and feminists hold essentially the same ideology, a claim which clearly deserves no skepticism whatsoever.

General problems

If Sargon finds a video he dislikes, his shtick is to set up a response video where he interrupts his opponents constantly, mocking them for their perceived mistakes (with a dose of quote mining), and pedantically correcting them in a way that makes them seem less intelligent or disingenuous. Thus, he spends most of the video ridiculing his opponents, so when he gives his final rebuttal at the end, the strategy is to establish his opponents as untrustworthy; so no matter how weak the final rebuttal is, he would have "won" the debate by characterizing his opponents as crackpots.[82] His favorite debate tactic is to drown an opponent in such a torrent of small arguments that the opponent cannot possibly answer or address each one in real time. In an actual debate, usually via streaming, he's much less effective at countering arguments and criticisms.[83]

Much like TheAmazingAtheist, Sargon has an overblown tough guy persona: if he finds a video critical of him, he will post a chauvinistic comment, spark an argument with the uploader, complain about being unfairly characterized, concern-troll the YouTube comments of anyone who talks about Gamergate negatively, and often send his acolytes minions followers to click-bomb the video en masse. This is usually followed by a zerg rushWikipedia's W.svg of obnoxious, butthurt fanboys who dutifully harass the malcontent, while Sargon smugly looks the other way and whistles about plausible deniability. This is most likely just because he and his fans have nothing better to do. On Twitter, he calls people autistic.[84]

Why Sargon is a shithead, in 4 videos

Sargon misinterprets science
Sargon's opponents don't exist
Sargon doesn't understand feminism
Sargon buys into scientific racism (34:30 mark)

In case you didn't hear it, Sargon said:

There's is no denying that Black people on average have a lower distribution of a lower distribution of IQ

Don't you just love how he states with certainty that this is a fact, despite the absence of scientific consensus on that claim. Bear in mind he didn't limit his sweeping claim to Black Americans, Black Brits, Black Africans, Black Caribbeans, Aborigines. Oh no! Black people, regardless of the differences in culture, education, et cetera, have a lower distribution of IQ - on average. Let's not omit the "on average", lest he be accused of being a dumbass.

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  1. Note that being against "ideology" or "political movements" or claiming "neutrality" is a common thread of modern anti-progressives.
  2. This assumes that 100% of the subscribers were different people between the four channels, which is unlikely.
  3. There's overhead like rejected credit cards and donation caps, so the actual number is probably less.
  4. Dear tomatoes, sorry for the comparison. We still love you!
  5. Meaning they are downright centrist in international politics
  6. He says that this thoroughly discredited wingnut website just happened to have a good definition for the movement he opposes.
  7. So social liberalism is right out.
  8. Of course, this does not stop him from playing a game of identity politics himself by insisting that "if you do this, you are a progressive, not a liberal."
  9. Especially after they hit him with a copyright strike.
  10. "kek" is a 4chan meme-spelling of "lol".


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