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Tara McCarthy

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Tara McCarthy is a British YouTube personality and white supremacist who hosts the Reality Calls podcast. She is also a frequent co-host on Brittany Pettibone's Virtue of the West podcast.[1] Her goal is to help make racism more socially acceptable.


Ironically, she is not fully European but has some recent Indian ancestry. In fact she is willing to self-deport if only pure Europeans were allowed to live in Europe.[2]

If it did come down to it, and I had to live in India so that actual 100% Europeans could live their lives without being disturbed, on that principle, I would be willing to do that [self-deport].[2]


McCarthy has argued that nonwhites are inferior to whites.[3][4]

She has stated that Jews are secretly planning mass immigration into white-majority nations.[3][note 1]

In 2017, McCarthy accused the Anti-Defamation League of "terrorism".[4] The ADL has identified her as a racist hate preacher.[1]

In response to the European refugee crisis, McCarthy stated that she hopes that "zero" migrants crossing the sea to Europe "make it alive".[5][note 2]


In 2017, Professor Adam Perkins, lecturer in the Neurobiology of Personality at King's College London, made an appearance on McCarthy's show. Perkins later stated that he deeply regretted the appearance.[3]

The pedophilia apologist Emil Kirkegaard appeared in McCarthy's YouTube video "IQ And The Future Of Eugenics"[6] where McCarthy interviews and has a discussion with him. Curiously, McCarthy mentions nothing about Kirkegaard support for pedophilia, including legalizing child porn and raping children in their sleep.

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