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Tara McCarthy

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β€œβ€I'm so proud that we are creating an international alliance of nationalists! Together we will beat globalism.
β€”Tara McCarthy, leader of the Global Anti-Globalism League[1]
McCarthy making the πŸ‘ŒπŸ» OK hand sign popular in alt-right circles.
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Tara McCarthy is a white supremacist, neo-nazi, anti-Semitic, homophobic YouTube vlogger who promotes racist alt-right political ideology on her Reality Calls podcast, whose goal is to "help make ethno-nationalist views more socially acceptable".[2] McCarthy wants to establish a white ethnostate, explicitly endorsing violence if necessary; she frequently co-hosts Brittany Pettibone's Virtue of the West podcast.[2] If you were looking for runon sentences, racial pseudoscience, and overt bigotry, you've found your gal.

As of November 2017, her YouTube channel had over 51,000 subscribers and 298,000 views[3] and her Twitter account had over 24,000 followers.[4]

Before finding fascism[edit]

Prior to 2015, McCarthy identified as a left-wing, vegan antinatalistWikipedia's W.svg (against procreation) and a childfree movement activist; for example, she appeared on a video "Why I'm not Having Kids" while discussing her veganism.[5] At some point in 2015 McCarthy completed flipped 180 degrees on all her views to become an alt-right conspiracy theorist. Completely forgoing feminism, antinatalism and her former left-wing beliefs, she now spends much of her time obsessing over white birth rates and telling white people to have more kids, while creating extremely ignorant and racist content. In addition to being a racist crank, she is also homophobic and transphobic.

β€œβ€I started red pilling I think in 2015, but it took a good 18 months before I realized the political implications of race realism.
β€”Tara McCarthy[6]



β€œβ€So, it's very reasonable to consider that Neanderthals were a separate species from Africans. Um, and anyway, so, yes, our ancestors interbred with Neanderthals, so we are effectively a, a hybridized species. Non-Africans are hybridized with Neanderthals. So that in itself makes us different from Sub-Saharan Africans, blatantly.[7]
β€”Tara McCarthy. Note: In reality, Neanderthals represent just 1-3% of Eurasian genomes (a number that differs wildly among individuals[8])
See the main article on this topic: Racialism

McCarthy believes that human "races" are in fact subspecies and race mixing is "borderline bestiality".[9][10] In particular, McCarthy believes that blacks are an entirely different subspecies from the rest of humanity and are unsuitable for Western civilization.[11] As the racialism article documents, these claims are laughable. The scientific consensus among biologists is there are no human races; no competent geneticist argues that humanity has subspecies. Simply put, there's not enough variation between human populations to make this claim, nor are human populations (with very few exceptions) geographically isolated.

As a result of her pseudoscientific beliefs, McCarthy believes that nonwhites are inferior to whites.[12][13]

Ethnonationalism and genocide[edit]

β€”Tara McCarthy[14]

McCarthy claims that white people have a right to forcibly remove all non white people from the United States, with methods including both threatening and killing nonwhite people.[15][16][17] In response to the European refugee crisis, McCarthy stated that she hopes that "zero" migrants crossing the sea to Europe "make it alive".[18][19]

Ironically, McCarthy is not fully European but has some recent Indian ancestry. This has caused some in the white nationalist movement to disavow her as 'impure'.[20] In fact she is willing to self-deport if only pure Europeans were allowed to live in Europe:[21]

If it did come down to it, and I had to live in India so that actual 100% Europeans could live their lives without being disturbed, on that principle, I would be willing to do that [self-deport].

In addition, McCarthy's ancestry is partly Jewish, which she tried to sugar-coat by calling herself a "fourth generation holocaust survivour".[22]

Fearmongering over white birth/fertility rates[edit]

Despite formerly being an antinatalist arguing that procreation is immoral, McCarthy now wants "ethnic Europeans" to increase their birth/fertility rates by promoting a doomsday scenario on her website that white people will be almost extinct by 2300[23] and blames feminists for attacking what she calls the "traditional family".


Sex and Marriage[edit]

McCarthy claims that banning sex outside marriage would prevent grey areas of rape and consent, because marriage automatically confers consent (and presumably marital rape doesn't exist):

β€œβ€When it comes to rape and consent etc. I agree that current laws leave a lot of grey area. I don't like grey area in law. I'd prefer things were as black and white as possible. And I think the best way to establish that in this case is to make sex outside of marriage illegal.
β€”Tara McCarthy, in a deleted Tweet[24]

Well I see so many grey area rape cases that I think the only way to solve this would be written consent. And traditionally that was known as marriage.[25]

There wouldn't be such thing as rape within marriage, only domestic violence.[26]

There'd need to be evidence for domestic violence, or endangering your spouse, or abuse of some kind. Marriage would be considered automatic consent. Do you really think husbands and wives should have to get verbal consent from each other before sex? Sounds crazy.[27]

Alt-right feminism[edit]

Despite admiring fascism and wanting to ethnically cleanse the western world to create an ethnostate, McCarthy doesn't seem comfortable with following fascism to its full conclusions when it comes to women's rights. Many women in the alt-right, including Tara McCarthy, have claimed to have been harassed by "low status anonymous trolls" complaining about womz speaking on their behalf and pestering them to have a million white babies.[28] Well, color us surprised that a bunch of racist losers would also be sexist and misogynist. It seems odd that a fascist wouldn't admire these principles of Kinder, KΓΌche, Kirche, which say that a woman's only place in society is in the home as a mother. If only there was a political and social movement supporting women's right to have a work life, have a say in politics, possess bodily autonomy and not just be limited to being baby-making machines.

Naturally, a lot of alt-righters didn't appreciate McCarthy's defense of women's autonomy and their role in politics on her Twitter account, and accused her of spreading drama and attempting to divide their movement which itself advocates dividing people. She tentatively privated her Twitter account and deleted these tweets after this backlash.[29]

Conspiracy theories[edit]

McCarthy also appears to claim that gay pride parades are rife with naked sex, supporting a Pol News Network post.[30]

Guest appearances[edit]

In 2017, Professor Adam Perkins, lecturer in the Neurobiology of Personality at King's College London, made an appearance on McCarthy's show. Perkins later stated that he deeply regretted the appearance.[12]

Emil Kirkegaard appeared in McCarthy's YouTube video "IQ And The Future Of Eugenics".[31]

McCarthy has been interviewed with the likes of Richard Spencer,[32] Andrew Anglin,[33] Styxhexenhammer666,[34] Black Pigeon Speaks[35] and Jordan Peterson.[36]


McCarthy is working on a book, Irreplaceable: How And Why We Must Save The West, to be published by Castalia House. The book claims to be "Designed To Be Normie Friendly So You Can Use It To Red Pill Friends" and "Includes Tips On Living An Alt Right Life".[37]

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