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Anointing is the act of pouring oil over somebody as a religious ritual. The procedure started when ancient shepherds anointed the heads of sheep to prevent parasites entering their ears.

Around 1300 BCE, it contained a combination of drugs — Cinnamon (MHDC), Calamus (ß-Asarone, a precursor for TMA-2),[note 1] Myrrh (DMT), Cassia (Ibogaine), and a hint of Olive Oil, poured over a priest, king, or prophet's head and beard in preparation for leadership and understanding of God.

The terms "anointing" and "anointed" are also used as Pentecostal dog whistle words, which mean "this person or ministry is filled with the Holy Spirit and speaks in tongues" without openly admitting they speak in tongues. You will most often see this on the Trinity Broadcasting Network when a televangelist's show is being introduced.

The Hebrew term 'Messiah' means "the anointed one." Same thing for the Greek word 'Christ'.

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  1. According to original Aramaic and Hebrew scriptures referenced by Sula Benet, the word is actually "Kaneh Bosm", which is aromatic, female, medical Cannabis in contrast to "Kaneh", the male hemp, used for shirts to bury the dead, as "bosm" means "fragrant". This would explain Jesus' healing "wonders" pharmacologically very well, if he wasn't just the fictional personification of political ideas, as the oil was reserved for the ruling elite of kings, priests, and prophets.