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Bart D. Ehrman (born 1955) is a New Testament scholar and author, and the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is currently Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the same said university. His books are mainly about the Bible and Scriptures and often contain textual criticism.

Bart Ehrman was an evangelical Christian as a teen, however through his hard careful study of the Bible, along with the problem of evil, he now identifies himself as an agnostic.[1]

Although skeptical of classical Christian theological claims, Bart Ehrman does not subscribe to the "mythicist" theory that Jesus of Nazareth was an entirely fictional person. His first book describing his portrait of the historical Jesus was his 2000 book Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium in which he heavily (but not entirely) followed Albert Schweitzer in arguing that Jesus was an apocalyptist who believed that cataclysmic end-time events were shortly going to occur. In March of 2012, Ehrman published a book giving his reasons for believing Jesus actually existed, entitled Did Jesus Exist?:The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth.


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