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Female bisexuality symbol-colour.svg is a publicly funded website and billboard campaign in Colorado, United States aiming to reduce unintended pregnancy.

Their ads show "before play" as separate words, with "play" referring to sex, but it can also be read as a play on the word "foreplay."


Ripped from their website: is the hub for a Colorado statewide effort to reduce unintended pregnancy and help "normalize" conversation around sexual health and well being. About 40% of Colorado pregnancies are unintended, and the rate is even higher among young adults in their twenties. Poor knowledge about effective contraception or how to use it, jobs without health insurance, and ambivalence toward starting a family—If it happens, it happens—all contribute to this situation.

The campaign's goal is to produce results where abstinence-only sex education has failed, as well as to reduce abortions and STD cases.


The campaign uses cutting-edge, ultra-innovative concepts like facts, science, and reality, as well as some rather sexy and suggestive but not pornographic images, to convey their message.


Combined with a program to provide 30,000 women with free birth control from an anonymously-donated fund, the teen birth rate in Colorado dropped 40% over a four-year period, saving state taxpayers an estimated USD 42 million in medical costs.[1]

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