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The Civil Initiative for Family and Children's Rights (Slovenian: Civilna iniciativa za družino in pravice otrok) is a conservative Slovenian political group. They have a strong anti-gay agenda. The group bills itself as protectors of children and families, and are endorsed as such by the Catholic Church and other religious communities. Since a majority of Slovenes are Catholics, many of them see Civil Initiative's positions as reasonable instead of smiling at them in pity and moving on.


If this was the USA, you'd already be out of office.
—Aleš Primc, the leader of the Civil Initiative, spreading his red hot Catholic love, tolerance & peace to minister Svetlik

The Initiative claims that same-sex families aren't "real families" and that a child needs and has the right to have both a mother and a father. Civil Initiative gives homophobes safe haven, justified excuses for bigotry and makes it possible for them to actually do something. Civil Initiative often uses qualifiers such as "contentious" or "controversial"[1] while referring to laws they don't like to make it seem as if they're speaking on behalf of the people and thus are protecting democracy.

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Their archenemy: The Family Code[edit]

The Family Code was a set of laws that legalized gay adoption and made homosexual unions equivalent to heterosexual unions. It was passed by parliament in 2011, but rejected in a 2012 referendum - the main force that drove the propaganda campaign and made the referendum happen in the first place was the Civil Initiative.

The Initiative didn't disband and return to its iron age agricultural fields once it reached the goal of killing this legislation: it continues to spread its utter bullshit across the internet.

Opponents and proponents[edit]

The leader of the Civil Initiative is Aleš Primc. Primc claimed that the Civil Initiative is standalone project of "concerned parents" and that they were not formally associated with the Catholic Church. However, 24kul, the group's website is hosted by the Slovenian Roman Catholic Church.[20] The Catholic Church openly embraces the Civil Initiative, with bishops along with other religious figures constantly attacking gay marriage[21] (Bishop Stres even spoke at a Civil Initiative rally)[22] and the Civil Initiative regularly appears in the Slovene Christian media.[23]

Opponents of the Civil Initiative are nervous and scattered and provide little counter-weight to Initiative's interventions.

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