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Champagne socialist

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"Workers of the world unite; Trotsky, pass the caviar."
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Not to be confused with a Bourbon DemocratWikipedia's W.svg.
Nikita Khrushchev: The difference between you and I, is that I came from peasant stock, but you are the son of a wealthy landlord.
Mao Zedong: Well, there is one similarity; each of us is traitor to his class.

The term "champagne socialist" is a snarl word used primarily by folks who believe in shooting the messenger that people who have been the beneficiaries of capitalism should be precluded from criticizing its failures and shortcomings.

In other words, those who have eight cows shouldn't try to redistribute your three. The term was first used in 1906 by George Cary Eggleston,Wikipedia's W.svg who contrasted it with the "beer socialist" who is of the working class.[1]

Hilariously, Karl Marx himself may arguably qualify under the term, considering he was supported by his best friend — the wealthy playboy Friedrich Engels — who shared Marx's views.

Some examples[edit]

An example of a champagne socialist could be Vladimir Lenin, father of the Russian Revolution who despite being a Communist, was a spoilt rich kid who had never set foot on a farm or in a factory where the oppressed proletariat worked.

In contrast to the stereotypical champagne socialist however, Lenin lived quite an ascetic existence, was allegedly asexual, a vegetarian and did not consume alcohol.

A more definite example would be the depraved British comedian Russell Brand who is constantly talking about "revolution" despite being privately worth fifteen million dollars, living in Beverly Hills and previously being married to singer Katy Perry.

Another potential[2] example is Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm, who allegedly left 1.8 million pounds to his family at the time of his death.[3]

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