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I'm a Rough Rider, Filled With Christ's Love! Gimme that Christian side-hug!

The Christian side hug is a means by which young Christians can show affection for each other without engaging in possibly tempting and impure front-to-front contact.[note 1]

Instead of hugging face-to-face, the huggers stand side-by-side, and can be facing either the same way or in opposite directions. Unlike frontal hugging, side hugs minimize the risk of an eternal damnation which could result from possible incidental contact with a boob or penis of somebody to whom one is not married.

For extra affection, the side hug may be accompanied by a few non-contact blessing pats.[1] If even the side hug is too intense, you can work up to it coyly with this elaborate sequence of gestures.[2] There's even a Christian side hug rap,[3] which attracted the attention of The Young Turks.[4] The degree of parody and satire intended in the rap version is unknown, but that doesn't make it any better.

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  1. In the wider community, this behaviour is also seen among men — usually but not always straight — who are anxious that somebody might get the (Wrong | Right) Idea from a face-to-face hug with another man.


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