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James White

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"Dr" James White (born 1962) is a Baptist and Calvinist theologian and debater based in Phoenix, Arizona, he runs Alpha and Omega Ministries. He is not only famous in Calvinist circles for his debates against Muslims, Mormons and Catholics but is also often derided for his "doctorate" outside of said circles.

Avid debater[edit]

James White is a very avid debater and also known in Calvinist circles for his debates against basically everybody who doesn't fully subscribe to his view from Muslims and Mormons to atheists, Roman Catholics and Christians that don't think the Bible is infallible. [1]

Fake PhD[edit]

Despite his strong debating skill, White possess a PhD degree from Columbia Evangelical Seminary, a known diploma mill but insists he is a legitimate doctor. White shot back claiming the Seminary was "too young" to be accredited, but if that is the case wouldn't an insistence on being called "doctor" damage his own credibility? Calling oneself a doctor when one doesn't have a legitimate PhD doesn't help. Though apparently White is however currently working on a legitimate PhD in a South African university.[2]


James White is apparently a Young Earth Creationist and a big fan of Jason Lisle, calling him one of the most brilliant people he knows. [3]

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