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"Cultural Christian" (also "Secular Christian") is a self-identifying term used by some non-Christians (usually atheists and agnostics), usually to mean that they see Christianity as fundamental to "Western" culture, whatever that means, and thus associate with it.


The term is variously used by:

Richard Dawkins is an odd example in that, despite his frequent lambasting of religion, he uses the terms "cultural Christian"[1] and "secular Christian" to just mean that he was brought up in a Christian culture and occasionally participates in events at his local Church of England[2] — though it also fits Dawkins' less than fond attitude towards Islam (which also means that he thinks that only the Protestant/Catholic conflict should figure as a sort of historical civic culture class).[3]

Since Anders Breivik used it in his manifesto,[4] the usage has shifted more towards the Islamophobic and (somewhat secular) conservative meanings.

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