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Richard Spencer

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Noted non-Nazi Richard Spencer getting some Roman salutesWikipedia by non-Nazis at a rally that didn't glorify Nazism, because he's not a Nazi.

Frogs, clowns and swastikas
Icon altright.svg
Rebuilding the Reich, one meme at a time
Not to be confused with Robert Spencer, who runs Stop Islamization of America with Pamela Geller, as well as the fake news site Jihad Watch, and who is also Not A Nazi.™
Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!
—a very non-Nazi thing to say[1]

Richard Bertrand Spencer (born 1978) is neither a Nazi nor alt-right, but simply in favor of white identity politics. He self identifies as an atheist. He is president of the National Policy Institute (NPI),Wikipedia a Nazi-free white nationalist think tank in Arlington, and of Washington Summit Publishers (WSP), a Nazi-less "human biodiversity" outlet in Whitefish. Both institutions are "supporters of identity politics for White Americans",[2] which is not at all like Nazism. He says it over and over, because he's NOT A NAZI, okay?! He also hosts AltRight.com, (which is totally not related to Nazis) where Spencer is joined with fellow non-Nazis including Brittany A. Pettibone, Jared Taylor, and Lana Lokteff.

Early life[edit]

New Zealand journalist Julie Hill claims to have learned German with Spencer when he was a PhD student and says that he could not cook so much as a piece of toast, being such a privileged and pampered manchild that he lived on restaurant meals and the leftovers he took home from them.[3] It remains unclear whether he learned to feed himself before tackling the independence of the "great white race."

Everything's gonna be alt-reich[edit]

For the White race, it's never over.
—Richard Spencer,[4] who has never ever whined about impending white genocide[5][6][7]

Richard Spencer has said many non-Nazi things, non-Nazily.

Today, in the public imagination, “ethnic-cleansing” has been associated with civil war and mass murder (understandably so). But this need not be the case. 1919 is a real example of successful ethnic redistribution—done by fiat, we should remember, but done peacefully.[8]

What blocks our progress is the meme that has been carefully implanted in White people’s minds over the course of decades of programming, from Mississippi Burning to Lee Daniel's The Butler—that any kind of positive racial feeling among Whites is inherently evil and stupid and derives solely from bigotry and resentment. And that the political and social advancement of non-Whites is inherently moral and wonderful.[9]

Immigration is a kind a proxy war—and maybe a last stand—for White Americans, who are undergoing a painful recognition that, unless dramatic action is taken, their grandchildren will live in a country that is alien and hostile.[10]

Europeans have been a source of light, strength, and vitality for the world over. It is European technology and medicine that have raised peoples out of squalor; it is the European scientific discipline that defines serious discourse and scholarship; it is European ideals of beauty that still reign supreme (despite the best efforts of critics like Ms. Sontag).

In this way, the dispossession of White Americans will have catastrophic effects for the entire world, not just for our people.


Rediscovering our identity—becoming who we are—is the central mission of The National Policy Institute.

We hope that you will join us in this world-historical struggle—for our people, our culture, our future.[11]

When we hear any professional ‘Latino’ support this or that social program, we sense in our guts that her policy proscriptions are rationalizations for nationalism. She might say ‘more immigration is good’; she means ‘The Anglos are finished![8]

Were our conflict to turn violent I suspect the long besieged whites of California would greet America's forces as liberators. Discuss.[12] [California whites believe immigrants "are a benefit to California because of their hard work and job skills".[13]]

[To journalist & CEO Jose Vargas:] You aren't welcome here. You have invaded our country and refuse to leave. It's freeloading, pure & simple. Leave.[14]

[Reacting to the death of Heather Heyer at Unite the Right] We are coming back here like a hundred fucking times. I am so mad. I am so fucking mad at these people. They don’t do this to fucking me. We are going to fucking ritualistically humiliate them. I am coming back here every fucking weekend if I have to. Like this is never over. I win! They fucking lose! That’s how the world fucking works.

Little fucking kikes. They get ruled by people like me. Little fucking octoroons ... I fucking ... my ancestors fucking enslaved those little pieces of fucking shit. I rule the fucking world. Those pieces of fucking shit get ruled by people like me. They look up and see a face like mine looking down at them. That’s how the fucking world works. We are going to destroy this fucking town.[15]

Richard Spencer once stated that "One wonders if these people are people at all, or instead soulless golem." For once, Spencer was referring to the media, not Jews.[16]

Richard Spencer: cringe generator[edit]

Anime—indeed, even anime porn—has done more to advance European civilization than the Republican Party.
—Richard Spencer, future leader of the ethnostate[17]

Richard Spencer is really, really, really fucking cringey. For example, please enjoy this vomit-inducing description of his interview with Mother Jones:

Richard Spencer uses chopsticks to deftly pluck slivers of togarashi-crusted ahi from a rectangular plate. He is sitting in the Continental-style lounge of the Firebrand Hotel, near his home in the upscale resort town of Whitefish, Montana, discussing a subject not typically broached in polite company. "Race is something between a breed and an actual species," he says, likening the differences between whites and people of color to those between golden retrievers and basset hounds. "It's that powerful."

We are well into our third round of Arrogant Frog, a merlot that Spencer chose because its name reminds him of Pepe, the cartoon frog commandeered as a mascot by the "alt-right" movement that has been thrust from the shadows by Donald Trump's presidential campaign. Spencer says Pepe could also be seen as the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian frog deity, Kek: "He is basically using the alt-right to unleash chaos and change the world," he says, looking slightly annoyed when I crack a smile. "You might say, 'Wow,' but this is literally how religions arise."[18]

Spencer enjoys making the dumbest Tweets:

Spencer thinks that football is bad because it encourages white people to admire black people.[23] In contrast, he drools at the chance to adore white football players.[24][25]

Richard Spencer: punch receptor[edit]

Right-wing extremist Richard Spencer got punched, but it was memes that bruised his ego
—The Verge[26]

Richard Spencer was punched.[2][27] In response, Spencer called for the alt-right to provide their own protection.[28] It's a good thing that fascist protection forces have never been employed by the Nazis,Wikipedia because Richard Spencer isn't a Nazi.

New Zealand journalist Julie Hill, who studied German with Spencer in Berlin, says the German word that best describes him is Backpfeifengesicht, or "a face that is crying out for a slap."[3]

Richard Spencer: great liberator[edit]

Spencer in 2016. Notice the boy-band haircut? Rock-solid proof that he's not a Nazi. Because he's definitely not a Nazi. He's a not-Nazi, see. (Not-zi for short).
Democracy is just a little, passing fad.
—Richard "freedom is just a word" Spencer[29]
A Trumpian Greatness agenda: 1) Net-neutral immigration 2) Nuclear power 3) Light-rail, maglev train system 4) National parks expansion
—Richard "small government" Spencer[30]

Spencer hopes to use the anti-immigration bits of libertarianism (and the people it attracts) to gain support for his non-Nazi ideology. As a result, Spencer has been lurking in libertarian conferences for quite some time.[31][32][33] For whatever reason, the libertarians don't want him there.[34] We're sure it has nothing to do with Nazism -- just like Richard Spencer.

Richard Spencer: race fetish haver[edit]

[About his Asian ex:] I would rather you didn't write about that. You are probably going to nail me with this... I think some people in the movement would probably find that terrible.
There is something about the Asian girls. They are cute. They are smart. They have a kind of thing going on. If I am looking at my own life objectively, it really doesn't surprise me that much.
—Spencer discusses his quest for the great Asian poon[18]

Not surprising that he is an Asianophile, like much of the Alt-Right.[citation NOT needed] He may bash Asians in his podcasts, but he conceded a lukewarm acceptance of the growing number of hapasWikipedia who attend his white nationalist conventions.[35] The irony is that Asian-Americans, if they survive these struggles, are going to be the face of the country in 50 years.Wikipedia

When a co-streamer pointed out that YouTuber "Roaming Millennial" (who once interviewed Spencer) is multiracial, Spencer unleashed a presumably well-intentioned defense:[36]

She's half-Chinese, i think her dad's Chinese — something like that. But she's a very genuine person. Like again: It's not her fault…

Richard Spencer: EU supporter?[edit]

Spencer wrote an article in his own journal criticizing Brexit and Euroscepticism, as well as described himself as "pro-EU" on a podcast a few days prior to the referendum.[37][38] Spencer dislikes Nigel Farage and UKIP; he has said he has always been "highly skeptical of so-called 'Euroskeptics'". His reason for being pro-EU is as a racial pan-Europeanist (white nationalist), he opposes individual ethnic and cultural nationalisms within Europe and supports freedom of movement between European countries. Brexiteers have highlighted, in their view, problems with mass immigration from Poland (and other eastern-European countries) into the UK; Spencer in contrast says he supports large-scale immigration into the UK from Poland since the immigrants are white. His only opposition is to non-white immigration.

Despite his best efforts at waxing poetic about Europe, sadly, a good chunk of Europe (the twenty-six Schengen states including Poland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden), haven't reciprocated their love and has barred him from entry,[39] with Poland's Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski declaring Spencer's views as defamation of the events in World War II including the Holocaust. This is not the first time Europe coldly rejected his love, previously barring him in 2014 after his temporary detention in Hungary for holding a gathering despite warning from officials that he and his ilk are unwanted.[40]

Richard Spencer: technology hater[edit]

The @ACLU was founded to support communism. Much of Silicon Valley donated to it this past week, proving that SV supports communism.
—Richard Spencer, ACLU understander[41]

Spencer wrote in his Twitter account with a computer and a keyboard on the Internet criticizing technology,[42] loathing Silicon Valley as "worshipping technology" being its end or the End Times.[43] This may or may not be related to his inability to operate a toaster.[3]

Richard Spencer: Stalin apologizer?[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Stalin apologetics

Richard Spencer denies that the man made famine in Ukraine under Joseph Stalin called the Holodomor was a genocide much to the ire of his white nationalist base who believed it was the "real Holocaust committed by Jewish Bolsheviks."[44]

Not "Ukrainian genocide" but a famine caused by collectivization *and* natural factors also affecting others areas (Russia, Caucasus, etc).[45]

He does clarify however that he doesn't deny the famine was anthropogenic unlike many Stalin apologists such as Walter Duranty:

Unlike Duranty, I'm not denying that millions suffered and died, mostly due to Society policies. Keep trying.[46]

Richard Spencer: Chapo Trap House lover?[edit]

Richard Spencer has stated that he watches the far-left comedy podcast "Chapo Trap House" praising it for its "cynical and irreverent" comedy style which he views as similar to the alt-right's.[47]

Richard Spencer: wife beater?[edit]

During 2018 divorce proceedings, his wife Nina Koupriianova accused Spencer of repeated domestic violence and provided documentary evidence in court. Koupriianova divorce filings included tweets and photos of bruising alleging that she suffered "incidents of physical abuse include being hit, being grabbed, being dragged around by her hair, being held down in a manner causing bruising, and being prevented from calling for help."[48][49]

Richard Spencer: genocide promoter[edit]

Spencer has declared that he'll know white people have "gotten their spirit back" once they collectively reconquer all of Central Asia and in this process "he could care less" if every Turk was "thrown into the ocean" calling them a "dirty" people contaminating Constantinople with their presence.[50]

And here's an article published on Spencer's website, titled "Is Black Genocide Right?"[51]

Instead of asking how we can make reparations for slavery, colonialism, and Apartheid or how we can equalize academic scores and incomes, we should instead be asking questions like, "Does human civilization actually need the Black race?" "Is Black genocide right?" and, if it is, "What would be the best and easiest way to dispose of them?" With starting points like this, wisdom is sure to flourish, enlightenment to dawn.

This might seem shocking to the usual gang of idiots, but right now very similar questions are being booted about and nobody seems to be batting an eye, all because the questions refer to White South Africans: "Does South Africa actually need the White race?" "Is White genocide right?" and "How many of the White devils do we have to rape, kill, mutilate, and bugger before the rest of them fuck off?"

[The article then spends 3 paragraphs supporting the South African genocide conspiracy theory.]

But why should Whites even be in a position where we are forced to consider such a possibility? The White race is history's victor. We conquered Africa and the Africans on the sheer merit of the superiority of our race, culture, and society, and in a land that was largely going to waste we built an affluent and modern society capable not only of supporting a large number of our own people but also a vastly larger number of Blacks than would otherwise have been able to survive there. Of course, Black labour helped, but if that hadn’t been there, we would have imported White, Indian, or Chinese labour and have done the job anyway.

Rather than asking about White genocide, it surely makes more sense by any objective standards of utility, morality, or progress, to ask whether there should be such a thing as Black genocide.

This is not just a tit-for-tat idea either. In the changing nature of the New South Africa, which is still essentially a collection of White-created-and-maintained institutions being gradually but inexorably Africanized – i.e. corrupted, ground down, and barbarized—we see the true nature of the society that will emanate from the continuing exaltation of the Black man; a world of savagery, disease, and death, replenished by a wild, thoughtless fertility; a world that will set no store on the higher values that have characterized the civilizations created by other races.

Although there are doubtless many South African Blacks who behave in ways that we could call decent, we have to wonder how much of this is real and not affected, when savagery of the worst possible kind seems to constantly lurk under the surface in even the most banal of situations.

[The article then spends 3 more paragraphs supporting the South African genocide conspiracy theory.]

Maybe it’s unfair to tar every Black in South Africa with the genocidal tar brush, but the support the majority have given to the ANC at least allows a reasonable case to be made for the kind of collective racial guilt that also serves as the basis of the ANC’s efforts to pull Whites down to the level where they can be raped, sodomized, murdered and mutilated.

Richard Spencer: Joe Biden supporter?[edit]

In 2020, Richard Spencer came out and endorsed Joe Biden for the November 2020 presidential election, saying that the "MAGA/Alt-Right moment is over" and that "we need to recover and return in a new form."[52] The Biden campaign forcefully disavowed this endorsement..[53] Nevertheless, this has been used by wingnut media to try to smear Joe Biden and his campaign as having, somehow, an "embarrassing" double standard because they condemned white supremacy in Charlottesville and are now condemning white supremacy.[54]


The correct response to Spencer and to the alt-right is "wow, that's some fucking cringey racialist meme-non-Nazi bullshit".

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