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Cyprus FreeThinkers is a Cypriot freethought group that meets on the internet.


Cyprus FreeThinkers claims to promote critical thinking and science, but instead mainly focus on attempting to convert people to anarcho-capitalism,[1][2] libertarianism,[3][4] objectivism,[5] climate change denialism[6] and other wingnuttery.[7][8] Or just timecube-esque drivel.[9] They also have their own special brand of misogyny,[10][11][12] racism, and neo-Nazi tendencies.[13][14] Ironically, they indirectly promote political apathy.[15]

Their active membership appears to consist mainly of that classic internet hybrid, the fedora-wearing MRA-promoting, anarcho-capitalist privileged male.

Interacting with these people[edit]

The short answer is: don't engage.

Attempts to engage them in discussion will certainly result in a display of a wide range of logical fallacies, especially ad hominems, derailing the discussion and avoiding the issue at hand. Their leader and some of his most loyal followers have tried to engage others in freethinking groups, such as on RationalWiki's Facebook group, but left after they failed to impress. For a group claiming to promote individuality, it has very strong indications of being a personal cult around their leader. Discussions take place in a mix of English, Greek and Cypriot dialect, which can make discussions hard to follow for people not from Cyprus.

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