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David Norris

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David Norris at Pension Levy protest, February 2009.
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David Norris (also known as "Fag Norris" or "Sodomite David Norris"[1]) is a former professor and lecturer at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland and an Irish senator. A self-proclaimed Joycean, David led the good fight to decriminalise homosexuality in 1993, aided and abetted along the way by then-President Mary Robinson.

David is renowned throughout the Irish electorate as a witty guy and, regardless of local opinions on homosexuality, the overwhelming majority of Irish people regard him in a positive light. Norris is considered one of a near extinct race of Dublin "characters," following in the footsteps of people such as Ronnie Drew, Luke Kelly, "Bang Bang," The Diceman, and the Monaghan-born Patrick Kavanagh.

He is currently one of three elected Senators for Trinity College in the Irish senate. He also ran for the Irish Presidency, much to the dismay of a small and sad band of wingnuts. Even though the Irish Presidency is a powerless institution (effectively a glorified diplomat), certain people worried of the possible damaging effects of having an unrepentant homosexual as head of state. He did not win the election. As of 2017, Irish Taoiseach (and person with actual power) Leo VaradkarWikipedia's W.svg is gay.