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The Political internationals is a organizations or organizations in which groups of similar political ideologies are united supranationally.

Main internationals[edit]

International Democrat Union[edit]

See the main article on this topic: International Democrat Union
English : International Democrat Union
Political position: Conservatism, Social conservatism, Liberal conservatism (center-right to right-wing)
Formation: ?? ? 1983
Site: idu.org
Explanation: The IDU calls itself Political internationals, which reject totalitarianism and pursue liberalism. Of course, the liberalism that the IDU refers to means classical liberalism. It is generally regarded as a conservative organisation. The IDU includes the Conservative Party of UK, the CDU of Germany, Liberal Party of Australia and the GOP of the United States.

Centrist Democrat International[edit]

logo in Centrist Democrat International
English : Centrist Democrat International
Political position: Christian democracy, Liberal conservatism (center to center-right)
Site: idc-cdi.com
Explanation: The Centrist Democrat International was founded in 1925 as the Political Internationals for Christian Democracy. There are major member parties in Europe and Latin America. There are most conservative centre-right parties, but occasionally liberal and centre-left parties. Germany's Christian Democratic Union of Germany(CDU) is a representative member.

Liberal International[edit]

English : Liberal International
Political position: Liberalism, Classical liberalism, Social liberalism, Conservative liberalism (center)
Formation: ?? April 1947
Site: liberal-international.org
Explanation: LI is a liberal political internationals. The term "liberal" here does not mean "liberal" in the United States. The Liberal Democrats of the United Kingdom, the Free Democratic Party of Germany, and the Liberals (Sweden)Wikipedia of Sweden are representative parties of LI. Even the 1998 Liberal PartyWikipedia of Japan, a neo-conservative party outside the general liberal category, was a observer of the LI.

Progressive Alliance[edit]

logo in Progressive Alliance
English : Progressive Alliance
Political position: Progressivism, Social democracy, Democratic socialism (center-left)
Formation: 14 December 2012
Site: progressive-alliance.info
Explanation: PA is an organization designed to promote exchanges between center-left progressive, social democratic and democratic socialist parties worldwide. A center-left progressive-liberal Democratic Party of the United States, is also an official member of the PA. Australian Labor Party, Social Democratic Party of Germany and Labour Party in the UK are also key members of the PA.
logo in Socialist International

Socialist International[edit]

English : Socialist International
Political position: Democratic socialism, Social democracy (center-left to left-wing)
Formation: 3 June 1951
Site: www.socialistinternational.org
Explanation: SI is a group of political internationals that advocates social democracy and democratic socialism. Originally, the organization had a number of centre-left social democratic parties in Europe, including Germany's Social Democratic Party, but since the 2000s, many centre-left social democratic parties have withdrawn from the PI after SI accepted anti-democratic socialist parties in the Third World as new members.

Progressive International[edit]

English : Progressive International
Political position: Democratic socialism, Post-capitalism, Progressivism (left-wing)
Formation: 30 November 2018
Site: progressive.internationa
Explanation: The PI is a political international group of socialist political parties or figures. Basically, if PA or SI aims for socialism within capitalism, PI tends to be critical of capitalism. Bernie Sanders is in solidarity with the organization.

Communist International[edit]

Comintern logo
English : Communist International
Political position: Communism
Existence: The Communist International, founded by Lenin and dissolved by Stalin, usually refers to the Third International, which was in existence from 1919–1943.[1] The First International, known as the International Workingmen's Association, was a mixture of socialist, communist, anarchist and trade unionist groups; it formed in 1864.[2] The First International split in two in 1876 over disputes between anarchists and statists (i.e., everyone else). The Second International formed in 1889 and was dissolved in 1916 because of failure to agree about World War I.[3] The Fourth International was founded in 1938 as a response to Trotsky's expulsion from the Soviet Union; it is explicitly Trotskyist.[4] There have been several calls for a Fifth International (including by Hugo Chávez), starting in 1938, yes the same year that the Fourth International was formed.[5]
If nothing else, the various communist internationals can be characterized as being highly schismatic.