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David Vitter (1961–) is a former Republican Senator from Louisiana. He ran for governor of Louisiana in 2015 but lost by a wide margin. After a campaign against Bill Clinton's philandering, in 2007 his name was discovered on the client list of the infamous "DC Madam". His wife stood by him as he pulled a Jimmy Swaggart. After losing a governor's race in 2015 to Democrat John Bel Edwards, he announced he would not run for re-election in 2016, a pledge he kept. He was succeeded by Republican John Neely Kennedy.


Vitter is a fairly typical conservative republican, pro-school prayer, anti-abortion, anti-CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program), wants to write a Constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage and modifying the Fourteenth Amendment's birthright citizenship clause, and anti-net neutrality. He's also against the UN and wants increases in the amount of police on the streets. In addition he apparently wears diapers during sex.[1] After 15 years of ignoring the scandal, he's finally come clean… about his prostitution habit with a campaign ad titled originally "Hard Times" and quickly renamed to "Difficult Times" following substantial mockery.[2]


There was a movement to have porn star Stormy Daniels run against him in the 2010 primary, but it failed.[3]

In some Louisiana Satire he is a Superhero named Vitterman, a man in tights protecting the world from… men in tights.[4]

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