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David de Hilster

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David de Hilster is a physics crank and a notorious Internet proponent of autodynamics.

He founded NeWiki ("An Encyclopedia For a New World") in 2007 after his original research had repeatedly been removed from Wikipedia. The wiki only has a couple of hundred pages, quickly assembled and then left as a ghost wiki until it finally disappeared in 2016. The wiki was not open to outside editors, and listed two other committee members: Matthew Stroul and Travis Brainbridge.[1] Apparently he establishes and then abandons ghost sites quite a bit.[2]


He has a bachelor's degree in mathematics with a minor in architecture, and a master's in computational linguistics.[3] Note the absence of physics qualifications. He also makes films.

Expanding Earth[edit]

Not content with just one crackpot theory de Hilster has also gone on to advocate the perhaps even more ridiculous expanding earth hypothesis: "200 million years ago, the earth's continents were all together on a much smaller orb and since then, the earth has been growing significantly."[4]

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