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The Day After Tomorrow

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The Day After Tomorrow is a 2004 disaster movie centred on climate change. It's about people saving the world versus people destroying the world. The unrealistically frequent anomalous weather events and terrible dialogue serve to sensationalise the genuine threat of global warming at the expense of scientific integrity and good taste.[1] The film also enjoys violating the laws of thermodynamics.[2]

The script was based on The Coming Global Superstorm, co-written by Whitley Strieber (famous for writing books about alien abduction) and Art Bell. And it's a shame, because the composer, Harald Kloser, seemed to be the only one taking his job seriously.[3]

Various funnies[edit]

In an irony meter-smashing move, Patrick Michaels' response to the film was that he "[bristle]s when lies dressed up as 'science' are used to influence political discourse."

A palaeoclimatologist from Duke University had to be bribed with $100 on Usenet to be persuaded to watch it.[4]

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