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Because JOC's editorial policy was to publish all peer-reviewed science-based theories, including articles that directly challenged the "sacred cows" of "conventional wisdom," its success posed a direct threat to the entire scientific establishment and the "gate-keepers" who wish to protect easily disproved myths and crush dissenting views. Suddenly, here was this upstart, highly successful scientific journal, with a prestigious editorial board, which was directly challenging the status quo and their control over science.
—Lana Tao, in a press release announcing (prematurely) that the journal is about to stop publishing[1]

The Journal of Cosmology is a supposedly-scientific journal.[2] It was established in 2009, and, despite a press release claiming they were storming out in a huff as of May 2011,[1] is publishing to the present. With a completely misleading name, it is a source for cranks as "proof" of pseudoscience claims.

In his comments on the 2011 "bacteria in a meteorite" brouhaha, PZ Myers described it thus: "the ginned-up website of a small group of crank academics obsessed with the idea of Hoyle and WickramasingheWikipedia that life originated in outer space and simply rained down on Earth."[3] Unsurprisingly, it is not in fact peer reviewed,[4] despite claiming to be. It also has remarkably fast turnaround times — with as little as 10 days between the actual experiment and final publication.[5]

Editorial board[edit]

The "About" page of the website lists the following people under "Editors" (academic titles are skipped):[2]

  • Rudolph "Rudy" SchildWikipedia (as "Editor-in-Chief" and "Executive Editor," perhaps of Astronomy, Astrophysics; the page spells his first name as "Rudolf")
  • Carl H. Gibson ("Executive Editor")
  • John McKim Malville ("Executive Editor")
  • Michael Russell ("Executive "Guest" Editor")
  • Joel S. Levine ("Executive "Guest" Editor")
  • Subhash KakWikipedia ("Executive Editor")
  • N. C. WickramasingheWikipedia ("Executive Editor")
  • Lana Tao ("Senior Executive Managing Director")
  • Roger PenroseWikipedia ("Executive "Guest" Editor"… WTF???)

Lana Tao (or someone pretending to be her) appeared and defended tried to defend the journal in a forum thread at the Bad Astronomy and Universe Today Forum that questioned its "seriousness."[6]


The torches and pitchforks crowd, led by astronomer-wannabe Phil Plait claims it's not so. But then, Plait's most famous discovery was finding one of his old socks when it went missing after a spin in his dryer.
Journal of Cosmology Science News[7] on Plait's comments on the hypothetical planet Tyche

The journal issued its first volume in September 2009. It contained a single original paper — a panspermia article by Rhawn Joseph.[8] (The rest of Volume 1 are comments and a reprint of an article by Svante Arrhenius.Wikipedia David BrinWikipedia was one of the people invited to review the article, but his review was met with, again, ad hominem attacks by "the editor," who accused him "in emotion-drenched terms, of defaming and insulting Dr. Joseph."[9] PZ Myers directly called the article "complete garbage."[10]

Since then, the journal has published more articles by Rhawn Joseph, who also has problems with the "myth of the Big Bang."[11]

The whole of Volume 4 was devoted to quantum consciousness.

Bacteria in a meteorite?[edit]

"Fossils of Cyanobacteria in CI1 Carbonaceous Meteorites" by Richard Hoover, Ph.D. With Commentaries (archived by WebCite®)

My porn is science, dammit![edit]

In the summer of 2011, the journal published an article by Rhawn Joseph entitled "Sexual Consciousness: The Evolution of Breasts, Buttocks and the Big Brain." PZ Myers made fun[12] of the article's thesis and the random images of naked women that it contained. Some other people were not happy about it either, because the article was retracted moved to Rhawn Joseph's site ( and its original page got replaced with a whiny rant decrying "censorship."[13]

At the same time, published a long, uh, "satire" against PZ Myers, interspersed with Photoshopped images of Myers' head attached to the bodies of obese women in skimpy clothing.[14] While it has been removed from the front page, the rant still exists as a sub-page of,[15] though it repeatedly asserts that is not connected to the Journal of Cosmology. There's a little problem with that claim, though — both sites also very obviously share the same web designer with, someone who loves 1990s-era static HTML and large background pictures of nebulae.

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