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Desmond Paul Allen

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God spoke and it was so; so that our physical universe is essentially an electromagnetically charged holographic medium, as it were, empowered by the Spirit of God. Here there exists a certain entanglement between the quantum state and the Spirit of God.

Desmond Paul Allen is the author of several mind-boggling incoherent articles on creationism, politics, and the "Question of Reality". No, he doesn't ever really become clear on what the "Question of Reality" actually is, either (though stringent scientific experimentation has determined the answer to be "42"). Touting himself as an obsessive when it comes to mastering an interest, Allen can teach billiards, is a private pilot, is an accomplished oil painter...all of which he has abandoned because having conquered them, he is quite bored.[1] The only thing he hasn't abandoned is theology and musing over quantum woo. He refers to himself as "Reverend", "Doctor", and always attaches Ph.D to the end of his name, primarily due to having "a doctorate of naturopathic medicine, a doctorate of philosophy, a master of business administration and a master of divinity". His affiliation is mostly to the creationist squad over at Answers in Genesis.

Following is a short list of this impresario's more famous contributions to the clogosphere:

  • An Apology and Unification Theory for the Reconciliation of Physical Matter and Metaphysical Cognizance: Incomprehensible babble about how the physical and metaphysical shouldn't be treated separately, because something something quantum physics and Goddidit, because all of our reality is a "hologram depiction of God’s intent".[2] [3]
  • The Neglected Glory of Man: Male and Female Created He Them: The further we get away from God, the more devalued women become, because we were much more feminist when society was patriarchal and Biblical.[4]
  • Adam, Eve, and Procreation: "An apology for the acceptance of sibling procreation in the early generations of man, versus its prohibition in current times." Apparently, all of our genetic evolution comes from inbreeding. And thus, all sin. [5]
  • The Apocalypse: Wise Shall Understand: RevDoc Allen explains the Pocky-clips for you. Because he's sure you won't get it.[6]

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