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Evangelical Outreach is a webshite run by Dan Corner, an ex-Catholic and evangelical[1] with beliefs that put David J. Stewart to shame,[2][note 1] and he is very, very proud of it.[4][5] Like a sore thumb, he isn't very popular, but readers and detractors pop up in the least-expected of places.[6][7][8] His main goal seems to be letting us all know almost every single other Fundie on the internet is a False teacher, despite the charge being levied against him.[9][10][11][12]

More sensible and clear thinking believers tend to not touch him with a ten-foot pole, which tends to really bother him.[13] He's been around since about 2000,[14] a true staple of the fundie wars,[15] and his mark can be found everywhere he slanders.[16]

Eternal security[edit]

Corner's biggest obsession, to the point of dogmatic absolutism, is on the doctrine of eternal security,Wikipedia also known as "once saved, always saved" (Romans 8:39). Corner doesn't just disagree with the doctrine, he has such an extreme, and borderline unhealthy obsession with trying to prove it wrong; his views, in contrast, can be summed up as "Can you lose your salvation? Yes you can!"[17] He's very dyed-in-the-wool on this[18] which can make other believers who try to talk to him very frustrated.[19]

This topic, which is usually compared and contrasted with the counterpoint doctrine of conditional security,Wikipedia is certainly one that has been widely contentious in religious theology throughout the history of Christianity.[20][21] What's unusual about Corner is his all-encompassing obsession on the subject and his dogmatic fervency, where eternal security somehow causes every sin on the planet. According to Corner, all ministers who teach eternal security are "very dangerous people", "vastly more dangerous than quack medical doctors or even serial murderers", and are teaching a "doctrine of demons" that are "adversely affecting SOULS".[22][23]

According to Corner and some of his contributors, the eternal security doctrine will lead to the following sinful horrors:

  • Mockery of God and laziness.[24]
  • Promotion of suicide.[25]
  • Promotion of a "license to immorality".[26]
  • Allowance of the "sexually immoral in heaven" (because eternal security is a "doctrine of demons").[27]
  • Promotion of "sinful lifestyles", especially the horrors of "lustful adultery"[28]
  • Promotion of the extremely sinful activities of… drinking a little bit of alcohol (Which the Bible condones in moderation) and watching "occult" movies like Lord of the Rings.Wikipedia[29]
  • Drinking (I guess Luke 7 doesn't exist)[30][31]

Those who teach the doctrine of eternal security may experience their own range of sinful horrors as well. Such as allegedly being endorsed by shock rock star (and real life devout Christian)[32] Alice Cooper.Wikipedia[33]

In 2010, Corner even wrote a short "new mp3 song" about the subject, entitled "Eternal Security, The Big Fat Lie", complete with a lyric sheet that commits the horrible sin (for graphic designers, that is) of using Comic Sans.[34]

One evangelical minister who debated with Corner reported that Corner's fear of losing his salvation is so great, he goes through a list of possible sins every night that he might have committed to see if he needs to confess anything, lest he die during his sleep and go to Hell forever.[35] Let's hope he didn't forget anything from yesterday or even years ago.

Things he doesn't like[edit]

Curiously, for someone who excessively worries about committing sin, Corner has no problem engaging in the sin of wrath.Wikipedia In his articles, Corner's top debate tactic is ad hominem attacks, usually with a singular focus on demonizing his opponent as a heretic. Corner's attacks are filled with hyperbolic holier-than-thou phrases such as "DANGEROUS TO SOULS",[36] "A DANGEROUS MAN",[37] a "Blatant FALSE TEACHER",[38] a "Spiritual Death Trap",[39] and other over-the-top exaggerations. Essentially, if Corner thinks that you have endorsed eternal salvation in any shape or form, you are a demon who is "changing the grace of God into a license for immorality".[40]

Things that are particularly annoying to Corner include:

Corner also seems to be annoyed at people for simply being nice. For instance, his primary criticism of Joel Osteen is not on his more questionable elements such as his promotion of prosperity gospel, but on Osteen's rhetorical focus on the goodness of God instead of hellfire and damnation,[49] an approach that Corner called "dangerous 'positive' teachings!".[50] Also, in his rant against Pat Robertson, Corner was ticked off that Robertson said nice things about Pope John Paul II after the former Pope died in early April 2005.[51]

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