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The Jesus is Savior website is essentially the same as the Internet Church for Christ if it were created by a furious schizophrenic. There are so many fonts, photos and hate-filled, incongruous pieces of information on the homepage that at a certain point the human eye just gives up and stares into the vast expanse of the background. The only unifying theme of the site seems to be contempt and a psychotic distrust of literally everything.
—Soren Bowie, Cracked[1] and other sites are a nutty Jack Chick-style (probably even nuttier, if you can imagine such a thing)[2] green ink Independent Baptist[3] webshite run by Guam resident, FSTDT favourite, Pedophile[4] and Gilligan lookalike David John Stewart (c. 1968[5]–), who according to his bio is a fundie from a long line of fundies.[6] Stewart himself is a supporter of Jack Hyles, and graduate of the Hyles-Anderson College.[7] And he made the dean's list, too; check the last portion of the page. He is considered far-right, probably even further to the right than Fred Phelps.

His website promotes extremist fundie ideologies and conspiracy theories such as King James-onlyism, Anti-Catholicism, anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, and the evils of rock and pop music artists like Boston, Michael Jackson, the Backstreet Boys, Taylor Swift, Sia, and even Christian rock[8] and country music,[9] among other ideas. "Oprah is the Most Dangerous Woman in the World!" because she is a New Ager.[10] The most dangerous soul-destroying television show ever is apparently Hee Haw.[11] In a Stopped clock, he accepts deep time and tells Christians to avoid Young Earth creationist propaganda.[12]

His unbelievable beliefs[edit]

Like most fundies, Stewart utterly lacks a sense of humor. He whines constantly about the old joke that "the Devil has the best music", taking it as a completely serious slight against his religion, and using it to attack virtually all modern music as "Satanic".

His website also attacks other Christian apologists apparently for not being as psychotic — such as banana enthusiast Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, claiming that they are too affiliated with "Satanic" Hollywood. Even Martin Luther King, Jr. is accused of communism,[13] though in its own ultraparanoid days,[note 1] the FBI thought he was subversive too.

Feminism is of course evil; a woman's place is in the home and subservient to her husband. Women are daughters of Eve and are rebelling as Eve did. Feminism, abortion and lesbianism are of course all the same thing.[14] It's even worse than that: feminism is "mass media control as part of a long-term plan to enslave humanity", because the Rockefellers "want to chip us" and feminism "has women freezing eggs"![15] To hammer home his anti-abortion position, Stewart includes graphic photos of late-term abortions on his website, as if they're indicative of what most abortions look like.

Homosexuality is similarly evil in Stewart's mind. His entire argument is basically that the Bible says so. He finds it quite alarming that teenagers might learn about the idea of safe same-sex practices in school, and is vehemently opposed to gay marriage. He also somehow believes that the molestation scandals in the Catholic church are due to an abundance of gay priests, because homosexuality and pedophilia are just inseparable.[16] He says that the extreme rhetoric of places like the Westboro Baptist Church is a bit too far, but is still a lesser evil than actually supporting gay people.

Stewart takes Biblical commandments against cross-dressing rather literally. He has argued repeatedly and at great length against women wearing trousers (or "pants", as he says, resulting in much unintentional hilarity amongst British English-speaking readers)[17] and has also denounced men who wear kilts.[18]

"That is a lie!" — David J. Stewart, A WARNING About The Fellowship Tract League![2]

Unsurprisingly, the site also promotes 9/11 conspiracy theories (via Prison Planet),[19] anti-Freemasonry, and New World Order/Illuminati conspiracy theories, and loves to reference Alex Jones, John Todd, John R. Rice, Terry D. Watkins of Dial The Truth Ministries, Mark Dice, Texe Marrs, Henry Makow, and Jack Hyles. He used to cite tract pusher Jack Chick, but not any more.[2] But hey, at least he denounces David Icke[20] (only because David Icke rejects fundamentalist Christianity, unlike most conspiracy theorists) and Harold Camping.[21]

Stewart doesn't think that interracial marriage is inherently sinful, but still considers it morally less preferable than marriage within one's race.[22]

Stewart strongly denies the theory of Darwinian evolution and has an entire section of his website dedicated to "debunking" evolution[23] with links to a variety of crank sources and some sources composed by himself. Stewart even goes to the extent of claiming that the idea of evolution was created by the Illuminati as a justification to bring about global communism and that evolution and Social Darwinism are inseparable.[24] He isn't alone in those ideas, unfortunately. He also strongly denies anthropogenic global warming[25] and views this in the same context as evolution, somehow.

Stewart also promotes homeopathy[26] (even though the Bible tells us that diseases are caused by demons, which homeopathic "remedies" wouldn't be effective against). In support of this, he claims that the pharmaceutical industry is owned by the Rockefellers,[27] and that 80% of hospitals are run by Catholics. Stewart also believes in anti-vaccination hysteria[28] because vaccines are "UnBiblical™"[29] (while homeopathy, apparently, isn't).

As it happens, Stewart is horribly afflicted with constant, agonizing spinal pain which has not been cured by any surgeries or his years of fervent prayers.[30] Apparently, God can't be bothered to relieve the suffering of his most hysterical disciple because he is too busy helping athletes succeed and Christians find their missing car keys. Either that, or it's actually God's idea of punishment for a truly baleful crime.[5][31]

The website also includes a list of "False Religions". Every religion known to man is on that list, including many Christian denominations. Apparently communism, humanism, the Illuminati, Freemasonry, and atheism are also religions.

He particularly opposes Judaism. According to Stewart, the Jews control the Illuminati, which control the media and pretty much everything else. Rest assured that Jesus and his ilk were still okay though, because Judaism was just different back then. Despite his Anti-Semitism, he constantly attacks the various "evils" he writes about by comparing them to Hitler and Nazism.

Stewart seems to have a hobby of looking for hidden imagery in the most innocent of TV shows.[32]

He really likes looking for "sexual" or "Satanic" imagery in Taylor Swift videos/lyrics,[33] and then accusing her of corrupting girls.

Television HELLivision is also apparently going to corrupt our children.

Stewart is staunchly anti-alcohol, to the point of believing that the U.S. should bring back Prohibition. He argues that the wine Jesus created from water was actually non-alcoholic, something that has no basis in anything other than Stewart's feelings.[34]

Stewart believes and promotes a variety of Planned Parenthood conspiracies and considers the organisation "evil" while at the same time calling abortions "Satanic ceremonies".[35][36] On his homepage, he refers to abortion as a "holocaust."

Stewart has openly criticised U.S. God Emperor Donald Trump on his website, accusing him of promoting 'ungodly behaviours', of making Satanic hand symbols and also accused him of being chosen by the Illuminati.[37] Don't think Alex Jones will like that one.

Surprisingly for someone of his ideology, he does oppose police brutality, the War on Drugs, and the War on Terror, and condemns George W. Bush's lies for the justification of the Iraq War. Of course, he does mix his criticisms of these subjects with a lot of conspiracies about the New World Order, because he obviously isn't capable of making any legitimately valid arguments.

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