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Frank Schubert is an American anti-gay political operative and the political director of the National Organization for Marriage.[1] Schubert is best known for being the driving force behind efforts to push states into passing constitutional amendments that would outlaw same-sex marriage;[2] the most notable of those efforts being the campaign for California's Proposition 8.[3] All this work depriving gay people of rights, and yet according to Schubert, he still loves his lesbian sister.[4][5]

Profiting off discrimination[edit]

According to some sources, Schubert's Mission:Public Affairs consulting firm makes between $10,000-$20,000 weekly from his work on depriving gay people of their liberties.[6][7] Interestingly, he was forced out of his executive role at the corporate public affairs consulting firm he founded as a result of his anti-gay activist reputation scaring away clients.[8]

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