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Alan Craig is a former local council member from East London, from the Christian Peoples Alliance. He is a firm believer in the idea that The Gays are all part of a giant Homosexual Agenda. He backs this up by appealing to Godwin's Law, and making reference to the "Gaystapo" and "pink jackboots".[1] After widespread critical reaction, it was toned down a bit with the pictures of Nazi salutes et al. being removed. But never fear, the vitriolic hatred and bigotry remains.

He is a member of the supposedly nice, tolerant, liberal happy-clappy, borderline agnostic Church of England and isn't any of those things. His remarks on gay people were published in the Church of England Newspaper, which represents the conservative evangelical wing of the established church (though it is not an official CoE publication).[2] It was also republished on Anglican Mainstream, which claims to represent mainstream, orthodox Anglicanism.[3]

Craig produced a particularly tacky piece of borderline concern trolling in the form of a letter to then recently de-closeted Olympic diver Tom Daley, suggesting that Daley's relationship with American screenwriter Dustin Lance Black was abusive. According to Craig, Black's relationship for Daley is "sinister and selfish" compared to the love shown by Daley's deceased father: "as you climb into his bed, note well that you are no longer just a gay icon; you’ve become Black’s gay trophy too. Not just a personal trophy as he delightedly deflowers your virginity and teaches you gay sex, but a massive trophy for gay ideologues and activists around the world". Craig argues that Daley's coming out has "emboldened predatory gay men and encouraged many boys to submit to them".[4]

In 2015, Craig was selected as a UKIP candidate for Brent North and also decided to speak at 'Transformation Potential', a conference in London promoting quack gay-to-straight conversion therapy.[5]