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Fun:Corrs Conundrum

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What's it going to be then? All of the Corrs, or none of the Corrs?
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The Corrs Conundrum is a thought experiment[1] or psychological test put to heterosexual men and lesbians.

It is based on the popular Irish band, The Corrs, consisting of sisters Andrea, Caroline and Sharon, and (crucially) brother Jim.

The conundrum is thus posed

  • Would you have sex with Jim Corr in order to then have sex with the Corr sisters?

Such a conundrum requires the conundrummee to think deeply, and often question the very notions of sexuality, civilization, the current Zeitgeist, and even life itself. Indeed, the very 'all or nothing' nature of this conundrum often explores the very deepest aspects of an individual persona.

An extension to the conundrum is often used, particularly if the initial reply was negative;

  • Would you have sex with Jim Corr in order to then have sex with the three Corr sisters together?


  1. It should be noted that at the time of writing this remains only a thought experiment, as there has been no confirmation from the band that such a situation has been played out.