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Fun:Homophobia Bingo

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"Hi, Billy Mays here for Homophobia Bingo!"

This was made to smooth out arguments with people who think that homosexuality is bad. Most of them use the same few arguments, so just mark them off as they come up. You may add on to this if you wish.

Gay = Pedophilia Because JESUS(Leviticus 18:22) Increases crime rates Gay rights lead to bestiality They choose to be that way!
They're just gender-confused It can be cured Gay sex doesn't make babies Homosexually will go away if the father has a shower with son (or mother with daughter) Gay agenda
It increases the risk of HIV/AIDS Billy Graham/ Pope/ Focus on the Family/ Phil Robertson hate it FREE SPACE It's unnatural It'll teach anal sex to kids
They'll make everyone gay! Even the frogs! Nobody's persecuting them They persecute straight people Gay families don't function well If gay marriage is accepted, America will crumble away
"I'm proud to be straight" Leads to human extinction eeewwwwwwwww Makes society more feminine/homoerotic Citing "studies" from AFA


  • Gays are taking away our freedom of speech
  • The Bible says...
  • Barely coherent ramblings about Sodom and Gomorrah
  • All Christians are opposed to homosexuality/gay marriage
  • The Greek origins of the word "Homophobe" means someone "fears gays" but I don't fear them I just hate them, so I'm not a homophobe.
  • I don't hate gays, I just am critical to their lifestyle.
  • Gay Marriage will lead to polygamy
  • Jesus said... male and female
  • Legalizing Gay Marriage causes hurricanes/earthquakes/meteorite strikes
  • Gay Marriage isn't needed because gays can marry someone of the opposite sex
  • Creates organization with "family" in the name.
  • the APA only removed homosexuality from the DSM because of political pressure and gay activism
  • they have higher rates of suicide, mental health issues, and substance abuse (which are totally not induced by societal prejudice)
  • because twins don't always have the same sexual orientation, therefore no one is born gay
  • Think of the children!