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Fun:Ratildonian language dictionary

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I would do it in a boat,
I would do it with a

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Shall I compare thee
to a summer's day?

The Ratildonian language aka Goat Latin is a planned language for a micronation RZ94 is creating. The nation is "Kingdom of Ratildonia". This language is based off Pig Latin but it will include elements from English, French and Portuguese. Feel free to contribute

General word rules[edit]

As in traditional Pig Latin, any word starting with a vowel will have "yay" at the end of the word. Words starting with consonants will have front letter placed at the end of the original word. This is followed by adding "ay".

Examples (vowels):

  • Antyay= Ant
  • Earthyay= Earth
  • Industryyay= Industry

Examples (consonants'):

  • atcay= Cat
  • icray= Rice
  • ahtay= Hat
  • oatgay= Goat


Verbs are a variation on the consonant based words except that the first letter of an English word is removed entirely.


  • Ikeay= Like
  • Ongay= Song
  • iveay= Give

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