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Dalton speaking at the Center for Inquiry after receiving the Independent Investigations Group Award for Mr. Deity in 2010
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Mr. Deity is a series of comedy shorts based on the antics of God (Mr. Deity), Jesus (Jesse), Lucifer (Lucy), and God's assistant (Larry, who is not the Holy Ghost). The series is written by Brian Keith Dalton, and distributed via YouTube, Crackle, and the iTunes Store.

The scripts are based on Biblical stories, current events, and domestic life in Heaven and Hell. The overall theme is that of a family business in which Mr. Deity is the CEO/patriarch. The show is written from a comedic and skeptical perspective, and has featured Michael Shermer and PZ Myers as guests.[1][2]


  • Mr. Deity (Brian Keith Dalton): Mr Deity has switched off his omniscience, because in his words, "knowing everything sucks, knowledge is bad". This lack of omniscience is perhaps based on the Old Testament verses in which God appears to not know everything, such as when God allegedly did not know where Adam was hiding in the Garden of Eden. Mr. Deity is comparable to a bumbling CEO or patriarch — his decisions incomprehensible (and seemingly callous) to anyone but himself. In one such example, Larry documents the list of evil things that Mr. Deity is going to allow in the world.[3]
  • Larry (Jimbo Marshall): Larry represents the Holy Spirit, acting as a kind of personal assistant to Mr. Deity. Larry is frequently baffled by the decision-making process of Mr. Deity, such as in the 9/11 episode in which he tried to persuade Mr. Deity to intervene to reduce the loss of life.[4]
  • Lucy (Amy Rohren): Lucy represents Lucifer, and appears to be the girlfriend of Mr. Deity. The relationship between Lucy and Mr. Deity is comparable to the events of Job, in that Lucy and Mr. Deity appear to have a working relationship. Lucy is pretty hot (in more ways than one). Lucy generally cooperates with Mr. Deity, although she did amuse herself by encouraging Larry to throw stones at Jesus during his practice runs for the Sermon on the Mount.[5]
  • Jesus (Sean Douglas): Mr. Deity calls him Jesse, since he appears unable to remember Jesus' real name. In a memorable episode, Jesus is told of the plan for his crucifixion, and asks if his medical plan will cover it. In return for his crucifixion, Jesus is told that he'll become a full partner in the business.[6]


  • Brian Keith Dalton: A formon and video producer living in Burbank, California.
  • Jimbo Marshall: Moved away/on from the show to work on his new production company.
  • Amy Rohren: Brian's wife at the start of the show; they have now split. She still is on the show, though.
  • Sean Douglas

Memorable quotes[edit]

Larry: "You had six days for this."

Mr. Deity: "Actually, I had seven, but there's no way I'm coming in tomorrow. I'm so depressed."

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