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Halvor Fosli (1961–) is a Norwegian far-right and Islamophobic activist. Fosli was not previously known to hold extremist views and had been running his own small publishing house for some years, but in January 2014 he told Norwegian newspapers that he had been hired by the blog Document.no, a website described by the Financial Times as "a website rife with anti-Muslim and hard right rhetoric,"[1] presumably as a "publishing editor." On this occasion, Fosli confirmed that he shared Document.no's extremist and xenophobic views on Muslims. This happened after a group of anonymous far-right donors had apparently donated a significant amount of money to the website. Fosli's new job is apparently to expand the website's anti-immigration and anti-Muslim activities into the publishing realm, an idea that was originally conceived some years earlier by Anders Behring Breivik, a staunch supporter of the website.[2][3]


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