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Xenophobia is, literally translated, the "fear of the unknown" and generally explained as fear or hatred/contempt of outsiders, i.e. people from different cultures, religions or a different ethnic background. Empirical research, however, shows that the underlying emotion that is related to "xenophobic" behaviour is actually linked to emotion of disgust rather than fear.[1]

What particular kind of outsiders is up to the individual xenophobe, but it is most often used to refer to foreigners or to minority group strongly associated with a foreign country deemed threatening. However, for a particularly provincial person, it could also refer to people from outside the particular state/province, county, or town.

Few people will ever admit to being xenophobic, instead trying to pretend that it is some particular, justified concern that makes them want to keep all foreigners away. For instance, they may claim falsehoods that immigrants depress wages, immigrants bring the "bad" aspects of culture with them, immigrants commit more crime, immigrants cannot assimilate into their country, and immigrants threaten their ethnic/racial/national identity.

Not to be confused with the fear of the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess or its title character. Also not to be confused with Xenophilia which is attraction to foreigners, especially those who are not of Pure Blood. Especially not to be confused with fear of Xenu, the Big Bad in Scientology.

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