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Inventing "The Other"
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Fear And Loathing

|Christian Skaug (1969–) is a Norwegian Islamophobe and crank. He is one of the main contributors to the far-right blog,[1][2] along with Hans Rustad and Nina Hjerpset-Østlie, and apparently also involved in commissioning guest posts by other cranks such as "Julia Caesar." Skaug has also appeared alongside Rustad on various Islamophobic events across Europe.

Skaug has expressed doubt towards the suggestion that all humans are "part of the same family" in any real sense, claiming that people of different nationalities are fundamentally different (listing countries and confidently blanket stating that, for example, (quote) "Italians will believe anything").[3] Skaug has also rejected the idea that different "peoples" could ever co-exist in either a "community of common values" or a "community of common identity".[3]

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